Get the Most Out of Mobile Advertising

It is said that around 2 billion people worldwide now own a smartphone and use it on an almost daily basis to access information, apps and to connect with people around the globe. For brands and advertisers, this opens up an entire avenue of marketing possibilities, for those who know how to utilise it effectively.

Create a Native Ad

One of the newest trends to emerge in the digital world is ‘native advertising’ and this basically means generating an ad which is then placed on a website which complements the advert. Many small businesses make use of Google Ads but the issue here is that often the advert appears on a site or a page which has nothing to do with what is being advertised, reducing the rate of people clicking through. It has been proven that by partnering with relevant blogs, websites and pages, you can greatly increase the number of people clicking onto your ad.


Make It Easy

If you have taken the time to create a mobile ad then make sure that when someone clicks through they are taken to a page which is optimised for their device and which makes it clear who you are as a brand. For hotels it is also important that you make it easy for people to book online through their phones; the vast majority of people will not be patient enough to close down a site, go to a laptop or desktop and reopen a page so you need to make certain that everything can be done in a simple way from the moment that ad is clicked.


Get An App

If you keep on top of the latest developments then you will know that many leading brands have now created their own hotel mobile apps to better allow them to connect with their customers. Although this may seem like something out of reach for a small business it is actually one of the best ways to allow your customers to personalise their stay with you, and to ensure that they become repeat guests. Whether you create a simple app which just allows someone to manage their booking or you offer a more in-depth service, getting an app which represents your brand can be a huge way of making the most out of mobile advertising.


Better Targeting Options

Another reason to use mobile advertising is the fact that you can target a smaller and more specific audience rather than just casting a wide net out and hoping that your target audience sees and interacts with your ad. This is extremely useful if you know who your target audience is and want to create content which will specifically appeal to them.

With the number of people owning smartphones set to increase year after year, now is the time to fully embrace and understand mobile advertising and to make sure that you are using it in the best way possible for your business to ensure that customers are clicking through and booking with your hotel.

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