Getting To Know Vibrant Notting Hill In London Neighborhood

London can be outright traditional yet trendy. Every culture and tradition mix up here to give a vibrant influence on it locals and on people that come to visit this city of activities. There is no wonder in the fact that so many movies were set in London and its friendly neighborhood that is quite alike in giving the perfect scenario perfect to start a romantic film with happily ever after endings.

One such place is Notting Hill. It is the friendly neighborhood of London, where all colors of life come alive. This place is at its creative best with bustling marketplaces and cobbled streets that are intermingled with the very existence of Great Britain. Coming here will be like living a dream with nothing but cobbled alleys ways surrounded by Victorian style townhouse. This is not all, being a neighbor of London, this place too is passionate about fashion and style, and its antique stores are something to swear by.

This influential Victorian town is also worldwide famous for Notting Hill Carnival that takes place every year in the month of August. This Carnival distinctly celebrates the Caribbean history of these areas along with its multi-cultural diversity. If you are lucky enough to visit this place in London, you will witness the Carnival as the largest street party in Europe. It is easy to understand that why Notting hill’s idyllic streetscapes and café lifestyle has become the backdrop of many famous movies.

Architectural Information Of The Place
Though it is said to be a neighboring town of London but it is easily accessible from all major hotels in the Proper City including, Park Grand London Lancaster Gate Hotel. Moreover, there are also significant Underground Tube connections with this place, which will help you, travel to and from London easily. The first thing you will notice after visiting this place is its preserved and still elegant Edwardian, Victorian and Georgian architecture reflecting in a prosperous community.

At the same time, many such houses are now converted into flats and still are included as one of the most sought-after sights in Notting Hill. Style of these houses is such that, it overlooks gated garden squares. However, the access is limited to only residents through keys. And with the many conversions taking place, the architecture remains as colorful as character of its place.

Shopping And Restaurants
Colorfulness, vibrancy, and creativity are synonymous to Notting Hill and much like its architectures, its shopping culture too, live up to the character of this place. You will find an incredible mix of chic boutiques with traditional high street names. There are also antique and vintage furniture stores, if you want to check out some. A range of restaurants starting from affordable to exclusive are also present and each has something different to offer for your taste buds.

To mention the recent additions in this neighborhood, Jamie Oliver Recipease is one of them. It is located in a contemporary two storey building on corner of Pembridge Road and Notting Hill Gate. It is a unique place to explore food through kitchen shops and also a range of cookery lessons and workshops.

The vast diversity of this area is again reflected through its wide range of restaurants and is worth mentioning like The Ledbury, E&O, an Asian restaurant and Essenza to try Italian cuisine. You will also find a Portuguese and Spanish fare. If you are an Indian then, you will also not be disappointed as Notting Hill has Star of Bombay with traditional and soulful Bengali Indian cuisine at your service.

Famous Portobello Market
Several factors include making Notting Hill a great place to visit and stay during the weekends. One of them is the local attraction Portobello Road that features world famous Portobello Market. It marked its 150th year in 2015 with great celebrations. Covering over a mile, and bustling with color and energy, you will get more than 1000 stalls to shop from one from Monday to Saturday. If you are looking for Aladdin’s treasure trove, you might find one here.

From traditional and designer fashion to antique jewelry, bric a brac and fruit, vegetables and meat, there is nothing to kiss out here. Visit the market on Saturdays and you will be in the middle of street entertainment that transcends the true essence of this place. Get into the groove with dancers, musicians, and other lively activities to sway you.

Pubs To Hang Out
Tired your favorite restaurant? Now it is time, to head towards the best pubs of this place and taste the exoticness. If you want to enjoy a quiet pint in traditional English bar atmosphere, head towards Cock and Bottle, The Hillgate, and Ladbroke Arms. There is live music featured in Elgin all throughout the week while, in Walmar Castle, is a rare blend of Thai food and British pub. This place carefully balances this to different theme giving an exciting offering.

The Trailer Happiness seated on Portobello Road is best for party goers as it has a nightclub feel. Taste a range of exotic drinks with live music of all genres to get you into the groove like hip-hop, jazz and rock and roll. People of all age groups will love this place for its unique nightclub, feel.

Parks And Theaters
Theater and film lovers will not feel left out here for this place boast of some best buildings offering unique cinema watching experience. The Gate, The Coronet and The Electric Cinema are some of the best places to catch a movie or two ranging from latest releases to classics. Two of this cinema is also located in a Grade II listed buildings like The Electric Cinema and The Coronet. Surprisingly both of them have over 100 years old history.

As far as parks and open spaces are concerned, Notting Hill does not have any of its own but is located close to Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park. You can also visit Holland Park with beautiful flower gardens, sporting facilities and wildlife ponds and much more.

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