Gielgud Theatre Guide

Traveling is the best way to relax both mind and soul. There could be many of our favourite destinations where we would have dreamt of visiting once in our lifetime. I am sure London would in the list of many of the travelers. London is a blessed city in terms of greenery. The city has a charm and mesmerizes the tourists in all the forms. There are lot of attraction spots in London and are a must visit for the travelers. London is also way ahead of development. It has a sound transport system. It is well connected with the nearby areas and ensures that the tourists do not face any commuting issues. The art and architecture can leave anyone awestruck. It paves way for creativity and the artists are respected highly by the fellow citizens. The tourism industry is booming and is growing positively every year. The hospitality industry has been the backbone behind the success of tourism industry. The hotel industry ensures that they fulfill the requirements of the guests and provide them a  comfortable stay. There are lots of star hotels, luxury hotels, suites and lodges in London. The prices varies depending on the choice of the rooms and the number of days. The packages are tailor made and suits the budget of all the tourists.

If you are in London and are looking for a comfortable accommodation, Piccadilly Hotel can be your ultimate choice. It has all the facilities that can make your journey worth the city. The Piccadilly Hotel offers you large and spacious rooms, well maintained and clean bed, complimentary toiletries, Plasma Televisions, air conditioners, parking facilities, beverage vending machine, food & beverages and so on. The bar at Piccadilly Hotel  must be tried by all the wine lovers. They possess some of the best collections. The staff members are very warm and welcoming. They are trained enough to assist you to sort out all queries. The booking can be done through their website or via a telephonic call.

If you love theatres and have a flair for live plays, Gielgud Theatre in London is your answer. London is the hub for talented actors and it encourages performances. There are many theatres in London which hosts daily shows to attract the audiences and keep them glued. Theatre gives an opportunity to connect to the actors. The live  performances of the actors will be experienced on the stage and every expression of the actor conveys a meaning which is related to the play. There are no cameras and artificial editing unlike movies. You will feel connected to the story while you’re watching it. The theatres such as London Theatre, Theatre Royal, Garrick Theatre, Queen’s Theatre and so on are some of the popular Theatres in London.

Gielgud Theatre is located in Shaftesbury Avenue which is a centre point in London. It is close by to all the major places in London and the tourists can easily commute to their destinations. It is a four storey building and gives a gigantic look from outside. The passerby can actually get a feel of the theatre, such is the impact of the theatre.  Gielgud Theatre was built in the year 1906 and was the talk of the town since then. It was also called as the Globe Theatre till the 20th century. It was renamed in the year 1994 after the name of an actor Sir John Gielgud The interiors of the  Gielgud Theatre is very impressive and is such a joy to the eyes. It is very classy and gives a rich feel of the Theatre. The boxes and the lavish Baroque Ornamentation is supported by the great pillars which are very well decorated. The innovative themes and creativity can be felt in every nook and corner of the theatre premises.

Gielgud Theatre holds a great history where it was known for hosting regular shows. The production history of the Theatre had been very sound. It produced some of the greatest shows of that time. Though it also had couple of flops, yet it didn’t impact the image of the Theatre n a longer run. The Importance of Being Earnest was one of the best British Comedies of that era and is still preferred by the people. The Curious Case of the dog in the night is a play which will be shown in the theatre till 23rd May 2015. It is a novel written by Mark Haydon and is very popular among the readers. It had been a successful run so far and will continue to do so. The tickets are budget friendly and encourages the theatre lovers to actively take part in it. There are many workshops organized by the Theatre community to help the budding actors to hone their acting skills.

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