Gorgeous Katherine Gorge

Katherine in Northern Territory, Australia is situated on the Katherine River southeast of Darwin. Its prime substrate of growth had been gold mine as discovered in Mount Todd, making it the fourth largest settlement in the Territory. Before it was discovered by explorer John McDouall Stuart, it was the residence and place of convergence for the aboriginal tribes mainly Dagaman people, Wardaman and Jawoyn people. It now serves as the starting point for tourists whose destination is Nitmiluk National Park; the rock paintings and the Katherine Gorge being the prime focus. Being at the junction of important tourist routes like the Explorers Way, Savanna Way and Central Arnhem Road, Katherine is correctly known as the ‘Crossroads of the Outback’ which does not disappoint its visitors.

Katherine has a typical semi-arid tropical savanna climate with both dry and wet season. Its wet seasons sometimes experience massive rainfall and flooding but are also the source of picturesque views of the various falls of the Katherine Gorge region. The Edith Falls, the Flora River Nature Park are just mesmerizingly beautiful during this time of the year. The tropical savanna climate has provided the town with woodlands and gorges which are a combination of greens and mineral rock hills, giving the place a very interesting and spectacular image.

The major attraction of Katherine, the Nitmiluk National Park has its nomenclature by the Jawoyn tribes, the natives of the place. The 180,353 hectares of the Park has dry bushlands, red rock escarpments and streams spread out and is beaming with wildlife including arthropods, reptiles and aves. The rock paintings and the Gorge are bound to make one excited and there is the scope for hiking in the Gorge or take lighter boat tours around the place. None of this can be a disappointment to its visitors.

Katherine’s long list of places to be will surely impress tourists who love nature and what it gifts so generously. The town has many green areas like Dakota Park, Jurassic Cycad Gardens, Giles Park and Jukes Park and all of them are equally worth a visit. Kintore Caves Nature Park is the habitat to endangered species of Cycads. Other Nature Parks include Nitmiluk National Park, Cutta Cutta Caves, Elsey National Park, Low Level Nature Park and Giwing/Flora Nature Park. That’s not all-Springvale Homestead and Katherine Hot Springs are good for leisure activities like picnicking, bird watching, swimming; and relax in nature’s lap. The Katherine river system is ideal for fishing various kinds like the Sooty Grunter, Barramundi etc .Some of the popular spots are Old King River Crossing, Knott’s Crossing and Edith River. However, swimming is only allowed in specific locations of the Katherine system as these are the home for both freshwater and saltwater crocodiles.

Evidently so much of touring must be done with enough time and relaxed state of mind. To provide the most comfortable stay in Katherine, many motels and inns are located at convenient distances from the Katherine Gorge and with great natural sceneries. One such is Best Western Pine Tree Motel. With exciting activities like canoeing , hiking ,little exploration around beautiful outlooks like Windolf Walk or the Butterfly Gorge and calm walks in and around the various stops in the Katherine Gorge , a trip to Gorgeous Katherine shall prove to be a memorable experience.

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