Grab Some Quick Bites at Around Victoria Station London

London Victoria station is generally referred as Victoria which is a Central London railway terminus named after the Victoria Street which is located nearby. The capital city of London is said to be well connected via public transport and underground and railway terminuses. Around 81 millions passengers enter and exit the Victoria station thus, making it the second busiest terminus in London. Network Rail manages this one including other 18 stations.

Since the station seems busy and overcrowded all the time there is no dearth of options when it comes to eating joints and restaurants around the station. The streets around the area are always busy and dominated by package tourists, backpackers, commuters and eatregoers.

The area is right next to the Buckingham Palace thus, the crowd shall be touristier. Even from accommodation point of view closely around the area London hotels special offers make the place all the more interesting for stay.

Did you just arrive to Victoria station and looking for a place to sit down and grab some quick bites? If yes then there are plenty of options at your dispersal.

This bright modern cafe in arcade serves traditional Sicilian street food all day long along with coffee and pasteries. It is an ideal place for those who are fond of Sicilian food with the most fresh ingredients and soulful aroma. Trying it out once can make you stopover here at the Etnacoffee every time you are around Victoria. Though, it looks like an average coffee house from outside, but entering gives you an altogether different feel.

Buckingham Balti House
Are you fond of Indian classics like tandooris and thalis? If yes then this is the right place for you. The restaurant serves variety of authentic Indian and Balti dishes served in a vaulted basement and small ground floor dining room.

Cafe Koko
Cafe koko lies between an arcade between Victoria bus station and Victoria street. It is a good value Portuguese cafe closely to the Victoria tube station. The cafe serves traditional British fare. It runs on all days from Monday to Sunday.

About Thyme
The name may sound a little cheesy, but there is a lot more that you can enjoy here in terms of food. It is a well liked neighbourhood for eating. The vigorous flavours and unexpected contrasts can make you feel like having a bite of everything. You will be served everything from starters including Galician rock octopus with smoked paprika etc. The menu goes well with the tastes of the local office goers at lunchtime. However, it is a popular place for after work get-togethers.

Lime Orange
If you are around Victoria trying out some traditional Japanese and Korean cuisine can add lot of excitement and adventure to your trip. Lime Orange is well known for their DIY dishes which come in a hot stone pot. You can add other ingredients also if you desire. The Korean BBQ section in the menu is quite popular with a popular Korean meat dish. The restaurant recommends Bokbunja which is a sweet raspberry wine.

The Warwick Pimlico
This place is handy for those around Victoria station. The occasional stained glass windows set the tone of the restaurant. The real ales and easy drinking wines can make the eaters happy. However, a full menu is being offered upstairs featuring Cornish mussels with harissa and tomato ragu. A plate of beer battered cod and chips are extremely popular here at the Warwick Pimlico.

The Goring
Want to try out a sophisticated dining experience? If yes The Goring is the place for you to be at. This classy restaurant has earned its Michelin star and is popularly known for its opulent bar and freshly prepared afternoon tea. If you are in London and not tried afternoon tea at The Goring you are missing out on something really important. You can choose whether you want to dine at lunch, tea or dinner. No matter what the time you choose there will be variety of delicious courses and plenty of British classics including starters, mains and yummy desserts. Lighter meals are also available for those who wish to have those.

II Posto
It is a traditional Italian restaurant which is located walking distance away from the Victoria station. Also conveniently located to nearby theatres the restaurant offers a relaxed atmosphere along with delectable Italian fare. Mouth-watering pastas, traditional Italian pizzas will make it difficult for you to go for only one dish. Moreover, the place is quite well known for its pizzas. One can choose from variety of pizza toppings including spicy sausages and other seafoods. It is the most preferred and ideal place for Italian food fans looking for a place offering them good value for money.

Just like staying in The Marble Arch by Montcalm London can offer you truly a relaxed and comfortable experience. So, is the visit to any of these restaurants and eatery near Victoria station. Thus, if roaming around Victoria station satisfy your hunger by trying out any of these above mentioned places.

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