Great London Hacks – How to Make the Most Out of Your Visit and Save Money

London has topped the bill as number 1 in the list of top 10 most expensive cities in the world, so visiting the city can be quite daunting, especially if you’re entire outfit is not designer and you don’t drive a sports car. Most of the main, more iconic tourists attractions can charge a hefty price for admission and, even though it should be done so you can tick it off your bucket list, to do them all in one trip may require you to sell a kidney or a limb. This guide will show you how to do everything on your list for a lot less and how you can see the other side of London, retain the excitement of the experience and save money all at the same time.

Walking VS the Rest of London Transport
It is always worth while booking on a tour around London, mainly so you can see all the tourist highlights and get the inside scoop from an expert who knows exactly what they’re talking about. Tour buses can regularly be seen travelling around London and, even though they’re not sell-your-house expensive, there are still other ways to explore the main sights of the city for much less. You can hire a bicycle from one of the many bike bases scattered around the city; not only will cycling keep you fit, you can also get from A to B much quicker and even take a bike ride through all of London’s beautiful green parks. However, if riding is not your thing, walking tours in London are a great way to get around simply because you get to see so much more; London is famous for its little hidden delights that add to the whole London experience such as seeing the Templar Church hidden inside the law district of Temple, hidden by a wooden doorway opposite the Royal Courts of Justice. There are a many more walking tours to choose from than bus tours, including a Jack the Ripper tour, a drinking tour, a chocolate tour and a Harry Potter tour.

High Street Shops vs Markets and Boutiques
There is no denying that the high street is good for a bargain or two, but the clothes are mainly commercially made and available to the masses so you wouldn’t be surprised to bump into someone in a matching outfit and mistake them for your long lost twin. Oxford Street holds many of the main high streets stores, such as New Look, Primark, TopShop and House of Fraser, as well as exclusive department stores, such as Selfridges. Regent Street is home to the 18th century toy shop Hamleys and high end stores including the prestigious Fortnum & Masons, known for their incredible hampers which will cost the earth but are simply breathtaking. Bond Street is the home to many designer boutiques such as Gucci, Victoria Secret, Chanel, Mulberry, Jimmy Choo and Dior so, unless you have come armed with several credit cards and a wad of cash, steer clear. To make the most of your money the markets are the best places to be as they combine eclectic and vintage wares in perfect harmony. Big ones such as Notting Hill Market and Portobello Road Market, which is situated less than 15 minutes from the Park Grand London Lancaster Gate hotel,  have increased in popularity in recent years whereas Broadway Market and Netil Market are relatively new to the market scene and sell an array of homemade delights such as soaps, vintage clothing, jewellery and yummy confectionary. Their prices are reasonable and a great thing about the market places is that you can grab a unique pieces and also have the opportunity to talk to the makers and creators and even order some bespoke pieces for yourself.

Pay for a View of the City vs Getting it for Free
The London Eye is a truly iconic symbol of London and it is recognised all over the world sue to the fact that it is frequently televised, especially at new year. It launched in 2000 to mark the millennium and it has 32 glass capsules that allow a glorious 360 degree view of the city, giving the spectators some awe-inspiring sights that lasts for a 30 minute rotation. Prices start from £19.35 for a standard ticket which may include a waiting time of 30 minutes-1 hours, because, as you can imagine, it is an incredibly popular attraction and receives more visitors than the Taj Mahal. Primrose Hill, on the other hand is completely free and can be found just outside Regents Park. It commands a breathtaking panoramic view of the city from six different vantage points that have been protected, meaning that nothing will every block this gorgeous view, no construction or even overgrown trees. It is 63 metres above sea level and London’s most notable monuments can be seen from this point like Canary Wharf, St Paul’s Cathedral and even the London Eye itself. Even though it is technically right in the heart of the city, it is a true lush haven due to its wonderful mixture of wildlife and greenery which will make you feel that you are a world away from the hustle and bustle of London life.

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