Have a look at the London’s Bohemian Fitzrovia

Fitzrovia is an area in London that is visited by maximum people worldwide. Earlier many celebrities used to stay at this place. Today the town is developing fast and this is a great place for art lovers today.

Fitzrovia is a locality in central London located on the north side of Soho and placed between the Bloomsbury and Marylebone.This historically alternative area was once populated by celebrated writers like the George Orwell, Bernard Shaw and Virginia Woolf. It is today a developing place for art with some of the very  creative and well-known galleries. To discover this place in the best way, you can have a start at the Edition Hotel. The hotel has a very good relaxing restaurant and it is a best place to have some good food at its restaurant Berner’s Tavern. Here you can get best quality food. The hotel has a good atmosphere and you will get best services here. This place is best to have a Sunday brunch. Not just food but even the interiors are good here. You can enjoy best food in the best settings. Here you can also enjoy your London Weekend Breaks.There are also many other food joints where one can have best time.

If you need a direction from some city wardens then you can for sure go for tailor made Fitzrovia art tour. There is also a chance of emerging more than 15 modern galleries in future. Here we have mentioned details about the best four galleries that you would surely love to visit. You can go through the details and then plan your tour. You can also see the information about the nearby cafes, hotels etc. So that you can have some refreshments afterwards. There are many good cafes, food joints and restaurants here where you can have a very good time. Most of them have very reasonable rates.

Kashya Hildebrand
This gallery is a paradise for Middle Eastern art devotees. Kashya’s contribution in the first Dubai art fair seven years before widened her vision in the real sense. She acknowledged the increasing talents of new artists from the Middle East and Iran. She also understood that it could become a bridge or a channel for cultural give-and-take and this is what the gallery speaks. The artists of the gallery give a challenge to the old ideas of cultural identity and nationality. Kashya Hildebrand has become as a popular name in art fairs. The gallery has also taken part in more than 15 fairs across many countries. There is also a newly opened Kaffeine café on Eastcastle Street where you can enjoy a hot coffee. There are many good food joints in the area where you can enjoy good food and drinks as well. You can also find a good and relaxing accommodation and enjoy your stay. There are many good hotels near the area like M by montcalm Shoreditch London tech city Hotel where one can have a comfortable and relaxing stopover. This hotel is one of the best London hotels. The hotel provides best comfort to the guests that come here. You can get all the information online or you can also call the help desk and they will help you. The reception works round the clock. World-class services is the main reason why many people like to come here.

Art First
This represents the artists whose work can be seen in museums and UK and outside public collections. After a period of 25 years, it shifted to Cork Street to this Fitzrovia location. It runs an attractive scheme by the name Art First Multiples, in which the gallery retails a batch of some multimedia works formed in small edition made by some well-known artists. From here you can grasp a ‘Mulled Cascara’ or a ‘Coffee Colada’. If you really want some more thrill then just dare to come to the Attendant. This is a thrilling place, previously it was a Victorian toilet. Here you can enjoy great variety of the afternoon tea. One can really have a good time here. There are also many shops nearby the restaurant where you can enjoy shopping.

Pilar Corrias
This is one of the most stylish of this batch. This is a wide gallery which was decorated by the architect Rem Koolhaas and it has two spaces devoted just for the exhibitions.The founder of this place has made her name representing theoretical pieces by artists like the Award winning Keith Tyson and the illustrious British sculptor Anish Kapoor. If you are here and feeling hungry then you can go to the ‘Beyond Bread’ bakery that stocks all sorts of savoury and sweet goodies. There are many cafes in the area where you can enjoy best tea and coffee as well. There are also other food joints where you can enjoy international cuisine.

Tiwani Contemporary
This is a good place that concentrates on the Africa and its dispersion. It conducts a public programme by the name Art Connect that is sponsored by A.G. Leventis Foundation. It issues a platform for discussing the traditional artistic programme throughout the publications, projects and some of the talk shows all within the gallery and in partnership with other partners. You can just go along the Scandinavian Kitchen store that is just on a short distance, and you can do lots of shopping at this place. Just come here and have a wonderful shopping experience in the real sense.

This was all about the very well-known Fitzrovia area in London. The area has many good restaurants and cafes where you cane enjoy best food and coffee. Many bars are there to make the evening. There are also many clubs where you can enjoy at night. There are good hotels where you can have a great stay. As you plan your London tour you can put this area on the to do list. Just come to this great place and have a great enjoyable time.

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