Having a Great Day with the Kids in London

Going on vacations is a thrilling experience for kids. They are greatly amazed when they come to know that they are going for holidays. As soon as the summer or winter vacations begin the kids get excited because they know that the time has come when they’ll go out for a rocking trip. As kids love to explore new places so the destinations to visit must be chosen in such a way that they are thrilling and full of excitement. LONDON is the best place you can go with your kids. At the place you find all the superior attractions making the stay out of the way special and unique. You can spend your three days in London with your kids in the following way-

DAY 1 – Science and Nature

Natural history museum

This museum will give you an excitement that you will get from nowhere else. From Dinosaurs to human biology, everything will be worth your eye catching. Ice skating facility is available from 5thNovember to 9thJanuary. The museum is famous for its vast collection of specimens. The museum consists of over 70 million items including Botany, Entomology, Mineral logy, Paleontology and Zoology.

Science Museum

IF you want to witness the advancement of modern science then the London Science museum is the best place to visit. It contains life-changing objects from the Stephenson’s rocket to the Apollo command 10 module. You can witness an IMAX 3D movie, feel the thrill of flying with the RAF red arrows in a flying stimulator, Entry to the Science Museum is free but for the IMAX 3D, stimulator and other features charges are applied.

So it is very necessary to choose a destination where your kids can enjoy and also learn something. Therefore it is very important for the parents to choose the best place to visit. London is a exciting location for tourists, especially as its got so many museums & art galleries. You can also visit with your kids the famous 4 World Heritage Sites of London which are the palace of Westminster Abbey significant Greenwich, etc.

DAY 2 – Toys and Museums

With the kids you tend to enjoy everything you see. There is the Legoland in Windsor and it is a notable place for the kids. In fact, the kids would be happy to be there and they are sure to thank you for everything that they discover in glee. Inside the park there are free rides for the kids and they would love the way things are arranged for their entertainment.

Tate Modern

Tate Modern is a place, which you cannot avoid while visiting London. It is the Britain’s National museum of modern and contemporary art form. It had masterpieces from around the globe. The Tate Modern consists of famous works from Cézanne, Matisse, Picasso, Rothko, Dalí, Pollock, Bonnard, Warhol and Bourgeois.

The absolute spaces, huge escalators, and multi-colored installing of the art are sure to delight all people. You can even sit at the café at the ground floor and enjoy the delectable snacks in offer.

DAY 3 – Gardens and Shops

London, however, has for centuries been one of the world’s great mercantile centers, and remains so today.  No trip to London would be complete without a day exploring its legendary shopping opportunities as well as shopping for kids in London. In London for the enjoyment of the kids you have the list of beautiful parks, big playgrounds, and magnificent restaurants. Children, who are under five years, will take pleasure in the tranquil setting of St. Luke’s playground and this is based in Chelsea. The place is quite to the liking of the people for the presence of the  Physic Garden. This is an admiring place in London and you can be here for lunch. You can purchase pizzas, fish as well as chips from this place. You can also visit with your kids the National Army Museum. This is the fantastic venue to make the kids learn and enjoy at the same time.

If you’ve brought the kids along on your visit to London, they deserve a trip to Hamleys in Piccadilly Circus.  Hamleys is not only London’s, but Great Britain’s, largest toy store.  Its staff of two hundred is in charge of more than 28,000 toys spread over seven floors.  Kids of all ages will love the idea of having their very own Teddy Bear created on the premises as a “skin” they choose is filled and stitched together before their eyes at The Bear Factory. Shopping for kids in London will be more meaningful while you are shopping in Hamleys.

The kids like toys and this is the reason they would love to visit the place of Harrods. Here you find dolls of all varieties and prices. There are Barbie and the wooden dolls. In vicinity you even have the butcher and the bakeries and you are sure to spend the finest time at the place.

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There are various cheap hotels in London and families or independent traveler may get perfect one for their holiday excursion. Keeping eye on your necessity, these properties offers best package that suit your budget balance. The great advantage of taking such type of accommodation is the different types of exciting offers they offer you, which means you will get all standard facilities and services on your dream holiday. With some of the popular attraction located within few minutes driving distance, these cheap London hotels are a best choice where you can get pleasure from your dream holiday break in expanding less budget.

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