Hidden Sights in London worth Exploring

Visiting London in itself is the most pleasurable things that any travel freak can do. The capital city of England is one of the best known cities when it comes to vacation. This ultimate tourist hotspot is no less than any other charming place in the world. However, if you are visiting this place then it is not enough to return with just a selfie with Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. Tourists want something really great and worth exploring while they are on their vacation trip to London.

It is absolutely fine to list down and visit some of the quintessential tourist spots while roaming in London, however there is a lot more missing in your itinerary. Your London trip will become truly unforgettable if you experience some of the hidden gems and London’s best kept secrets. Though the city is vast, but you never know by looking around you may discover something really amazing and worth boasting off about your trip.

There are several such places which are not even explored much by the locals and for travellers it will be an entirely refreshing experience. Some of these are mentioned below:

Strawberry Hill House
If you really wish to witness one of the finest examples of Georgian Gothic Revival structure then you must surely catch a glimpse of the Strawberry Hill House. It was built in Twickenham and restores a Gothic architecture till date. The towers and battlements adds to its Gothic feel and parts of the interiors were designed by James Essex. It lies in the middle of a residential area though left unnoticed many a times, but it is one of the real hidden secret of London. It was a summer villa for the son of Britain’s first prime minister. Each rooms features something theatrical and magical thus, turning this house into a must visit hotspot.

Secret corners, hidden passages and unexpected buildings are the kind of must haves for London. Plenty of spaces simply go un-noticed and unattended which are extremely beautiful just like accommodation near Hyde Park London Paddington.

Hackney City Farm
Want to experience farming right in the heart of the city? A visit to the Hackney City Farm gives you the pleasure of exploring the farm life and gives local community a feel in the heart of London. Everyone coming here gets the opportunity to get close to farmyard animals and also get close to the plans and vegetables too. The amenity encourages everyone especially children to learn more about nature, environment, caring for animals and growing vegetables. They often run courses and volunteering sessions to educate people about this charming farming land.

Postman’s Park
The city is actually one of the best known ones. Though, London is full of lush green landscapes and is actually known as the greenest holiday destination. Whether you have travelled to London for the first time or have travelled before everyone must have heard about the famous green spaces, however one must not ignore the smaller ones hidden throughout the city. A postman’s park is one of the hidden gems in Central London featuring a Memorial to Heroic Self Sacrifice. The park is a stone’s throw away from the St Paul’s Cathedral.  It is an attractive alternative away from the hustle bustle of the city.

Grand Park London Hyde Park Hotel also serves as a great alternative to expensive London hotels and welcomes all kinds of tourists coming in.

Abney Park
Abney Park is a woodland memorial park featuring amazing natural beauty and is amazingly calm and beautiful. Also it is one of the magnificent seven cemeteries in London and is a local nature reserve too. It is a free public park where everyone is allowed to enter and is managed by the London Borough of Hackney. For those who wish to enjoy the peace and greenery with a fascinating history can come here and relax. From time to time several events and activities are being organised in the park.

St Dunstan’s in The East
It was a Church of England halfway between the Tower of London and London Bridge, however in the Second World War the church was destroyed the ruins of which are now turned into a public garden. For those looking out for a completely secluded place in the city must visit the St Dunstan’s in the East. As it was destroyed in the Great Fire of London so rather than turning it into an entirely new building it is kind of patched up.

St Martin’s Window
Are you interested in catching up a free concert during the afternoons in London? This is one of the main reasons that you can visit the St Martin’s Window which is quite unique and an impressive building.

The Whitechapel Bell Foundry
This is the same company that built the giant bell of Big Ben which was formerly known as Elizabeth Tower. It is the oldest bell manufacturing company in the UK which is now operational since 500 years now. You can also buy a bell from here which will be the best in terms of quality and shall be an exciting souvenir for your family and friends back home.

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