Holiday In London

London is a great city. It is also quite confusing for those who are visiting it for the first time. The small guide will help one plan a great holiday within the city and enjoy it in the best possible way.

London is a fascinating place. It is quite a confusing place as well for the ones who will be in the city for the first time. To help the first time tourists to the city, here is a small guide that will take one through the do’s and don’ts in the city.

While planning a visit to the city, the first thing to do after getting the fight confirmed is to get the accommodation booking confirmed. One must remember that this is one of the busiest and most visited cities in the world. Getting the right accommodation can be a bit tricky at times. The hotels in Westminster will be great for the first time visitors since they come at all types of rates and also offer a great connectivity to other parts of the city. While not all hotels are cheap in London, for those who are looking to stay cheap there are plenty of options available.

After reaching London, while crossing the roads, one must remember to look towards the left while crossing the road. The traffic is a bit of a problem in the city. For a visitor, it is unlikely to drive within the city.

The transportation in London, however, is pretty well developed. The communication is easy and fast, thanks to the network of underground railways. Almost all the Londoners avail the tube station to reach the destination. Be sure to check which station is on which line and board the right one. There are actually 5 airports in the city – Heathrow, Stansted, Gatwick, London City and Luton. All of these are well connected to the central part of the city via roads and tube networks. The airway network in the city is also very well developed. The public transport includes buses as well. However, those who are looking to move about the city within the shortest time might like to avoid the on toad traffic.

To get better acquainted with the city and the various attractions, the London Eye ride is a great way. It is a giant Ferris wheel which has a panoramic view of the entire city from the top. It is a true marvel and any traveller to the city should try this at least once. After having checked this, the next thing will be to check out the museums in the city. There is a fantastic array of museums available all across the capital and one will be amazed by the spectacular displays.

The royal exhibitions and the galleries should also never be missed. These offer a good insight into the rich culture and heritage of the city. It is always a matter of great interest among those who love to study history; however, even if history has not been one of the favourite subjects, the tales and stories of the past of London and the artefacts will certainly keep any person glued.

The food and drinks within the city is simply fantastic. The London restaurants and bars are well known all across the world for the exquisite cuisines and the fine drinks are a must for any visitor who wish ton taste the true essence of London.

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