Holidaying in Edinburgh

Whenever you are travelling to United Kingdom the next time, remember, London is not the only place to visit in the country. There are many more places of attraction with their unique beauty that can be enjoyed while travelling to United Kingdom. One such place is Edinburgh, located in Scotland. Edinburgh is a beautiful place with one of the most enchanting natural beauty. The place cannot be said to be located way too far from London, but the mix of contemporary with some modernity is worth watching. The nature has not been lost in the wave of modernization. You will have plenty of free space to move about and check the various parts of the city.

Edinburgh is not a massive city but it has its fair number of attractions. You might be aware about the London Eye, the giant Ferris wheel which gives one of the most spectacular views of the entire city. In Edinburgh there might not be any such installation, but there is certainly a great place to take a look at the entire city spreading before your eyes. Known as Arthur’s Seat, it is the main peak among the number of hills in Scotland and is located in Holyrood Park. This place has a great elevation and is located such that the view of the city from this point is simply spellbinding. You will be able to watch the Edinburgh Castle as well from this point.

The Edinburgh Castle is one of the oldest installations of the city. Located on the Castle Rock, this gigantic and historic fortress is one of the most prominent and dominant feature of the skyline of Edinburgh. You will be able to check out the interior of the Edinburgh Castle. The best time to visit it will be during the mid day. This is the time when the crowd is at its minimum and you will be able to explore every part of the castle in peace. Besides the castle, the Edinburgh Palace is another major attraction for the tourists. All across the United Kingdom you will come across numerous castles dating back centuries. Today they stand as one of the most important historical monuments in the world.

When you are planning a tour to Edinburgh make sure that you get the best accommodation at the city. You will find a number of  luxury hotels in Edinburgh. The best part is that accommodation in Edinburgh is not as pricey as it is in London. You will be able to get affordable deals even in these high class accommodation options. The online booking option certainly is a great advantage and also provides some extra discounts to the tourists.

Among the many different hotels in the city I have found Nira Caledonia as one of the best hotels of Edinburgh. There are a number of options but few come close to the quality of service and features provided by this exclusive luxurious retreat. You will be able to get online booking for this hotel done from any part of the world.

Reaching Edinburgh should not be any issue at all. The city is easy to reach either by air or train or via any road transport. If you are already in any part of Europe you will get cheap flight to Edinburgh. If the distance is not too long you might even consider driving to this beautiful city.  So plan one and enjoy your Edinburgh holiday.

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