How hotel companies can deal with last minute cancellations to maximise revenue

In an ideal world hotel firms want their residence to be filled with customers all the time, and do not want to have to put up with cancellations. It is something that can happen however so accommodations must be ready to deal with this. Last-minute cancellations are just a daily part of running a hotel, but it can be annoying for businesses. It is perhaps easier for larger firms, but can be a huge headache for independent residences. Cancellations can negatively impact on a hotel’s occupancy and this has a domino effect on staffing requirements and revenues. It can also interfere with profit projections and a firm’s financial growth.


The aim is to make sure a customer keeps their booking, which sounds a simpler act than it actually is to do. The main aim for any hotel company should be to make their guests happy, yet they must ensure that travellers realise it is important to only reserve a room when they are sure. There is naturally no way to fully eliminate last-minute cancellations, as in certain circumstances it is necessary. There are a variety of methods that will help to deter tourists from deciding to opt out of staying at the accommodation. For instance travellers should be reminded of their upcoming reservation by receiving a Google calendar message. By telling them their visit is scheduled for the near future they have a chance to cancel with a penalty.


The cancellation will be far enough in advance that hotel companies can successfully find another guest to stay. Another way to deal with this is to provide discounted rates that tell the customer that a cancellation will be non-refundable. This is a brilliant way to appeal to travellers, as they will be pleased that they get a reduction in the room price. Hotels will also benefit as they get to keep the customer’s money if they decide to cancel at the last minute. Residences also get to then put that room back online for a new person to book it again. This all contributes towards a brilliant hotel digital marketing plan for cancellations.


When hotel firms are consulting with a booking engine provider to help with the creation of their reservation page, they should check with them on how to discourage cancellations. They must include unique packages such as a hotel room, free spa treatment and dinner, which will encourage travellers to stick to keeping their hotel reservation. It is a great idea to provide an impressive pre-stay service that includes friendly emails and SMS messages. Tourists like to feel special so hotel firms have the responsibility to look after their needs.


The wonderful staff at World Hotel Marketing can help hotel firms by ensuring the bespoke website they generate is ideal for the accommodation. This top hotel marketing agency will ensure it creates a superb booking engine that will bring in and keep customers. The agency will help with creating a brilliant app, and can advise companies about paid advertising and social media. What hotel firms ultimately want is to offer their great residence online with top promotion. The experts at this agency will help them get the message across to the public.

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