How to find top museums in London

London  is a hub for art and culture and  it’s museums are the most fascinating places to explore both  the fields. Spaces where you can spend quality time without spending too much money. Each  museum specializes in collecting artifacts from a specific period. Opening up a whole new world for a traveler. The British Museum  is one of the most popular and extensive museums in London, the Science Museum will help you learn something new. It would be a good  idea to stay in Hotels in West End London since some of them are close to these museums. A visit to even one of them will help you lose all sense of time.

The V&A is the most extensive museums in the world. It was founded by Queen Victoria during her last public engagement in 1899. It exhibits a glorious collection of ceramics, sculptures, photographs and portrait miniatures. British Galleries 1500- 1900 trace the history of British design. An antique lover will definitely fall in love with this place. Don’t forget to see the statue on top of the central tower which represents Fame, her nose is missing.

The British museum traces back artifacts and objects that existed 200 years ago and encapsulates the history of the world. The most fascinating exhibit is Room62-3 which illustrates the ancient Egyptian view of death and afterlife. The mummies would be very disappointed if you don’t pay them a visit. To get here, Tottenham Court Road is the nearest underground station. One of the highlights of the Museum of London is children’s events. The focus of this museum is on encapsulating the history of London and hence if you really want to draw parallels between the contemporary city and the history of the capital, make sure you visit this museum.

The Science Museum showcases various advancements in science, medicine and technology. Launch pad is a tactile gallery for children to understand basic scientific principles. If you love clocks then check out The Clockmakers Collection which is the oldest display of clocks and watches in the world.

The Natural History Museum is quite well known for its magnificent collection of Dinosaurs. The cast of Diplodocus occupies the extensive entrance hall. There’s an entire section on Flora and fauna with a troupe of stuffed birds. A new addition to this gallery is the human evolution gallery, this one makes you question how humans evolved in the first place. You will feel like you are in the heart of nature when you walk around the lovely Wildlife Garden.

The National Gallery has an array of about more than 2000 paintings. Ranging from paintings by Giotto and Pierodellafrancesca in the Sainsbury Wing to a basement for temporary paintings. If you love Van Gogh’s work it also exhibits one of his sunflower series. A suggestion would be to take some more time off (more than one day)to visit the museum.Charing Cross is the nearest underground station to the gallery.

The Tate Modern Museum has been a haven for modern art lovers for sometime now. The Power station that Sir Giles Gilbert Scott built was converted into an art museum. It also screens performance and film art. Some of the art works in this museum are extremely contemporary and jaw-dropping. It organizes free guided tours around the museum and private tours for groups.

Imperial war Museum has two galleries divided into World War 1 and World War 2. It helps a viewer understand conflict and its implications carefully. As you go further down to the Holocaust section the tone of the museum becomes more intense. It showcases the depths and impact of concentration camps and the history of European Anti-Semitism. Since this section also studies trauma it does not permit people above 14 years of age. On the floor above the Crimes Against Humanity section screens films exploring contemporary genocide and ethnic violence. It also has manucripts of war literature and other personal artefacts.

National Army Museum is a good old fashioned museum that tells the story of an individual soldiers life. It adds a very personal touch to each exhibit. The museums art gallery traces the history of the British Army from 16th century to 2000. The museum is open to the public every year from 10 am to 5.30 pm. It remains closed on from the 24th to 26th December and 1st January.

V&A Museum of Childhood is like the historical version of Hamleys. It has a collection of children’s toys, dolls houses, games and costumes. The inner child in you would rejoice once you visit this museum. The museum has been gathering childhood related objects since 1872 and this practice still continues. It’s quite fascinating to see how toys from the contemporary era are kept next to toys from the 1800s.

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