How to Have a Great Time in London With Your Family

Irrespective of the ages of your kids, London is a great place for having enjoyable and entertaining little family getaways as there is so much to see, do and to enjoy. The plethora of opportunities presented by the city is bound to give you and your kids a wonderful time. The best thing is that many of the places in the city are equally good for adults as well as for kids such as the British Museum that is usually visited by adults to see its various exhibits but is also famous for its free activity trails for kids such as Hunting for Dragons, Sailing on the Nile and Dancing with Shiva. The following suggestions will help you in organising fun-filled sightseeing and activities in this wonderful metropolis during your family getaway.

You can visit Victoria and Albert Museum in South Kensington that offers kids’ activities such as the Emperor’s Party and it offers them free backpacks and guides them from there to the Middle Eastern Marvels and further ahead to Discovering Architecture. It is an equally interesting museum for adults. The other attraction that you can visit is the Imperial War Museum where your kids can have a great time. The museum basically exhibits war items for adults such as airplanes and tanks, but it also has a large children’s play area in the basement and a cafe serving kids’ fare. Moving away from the museums, you can take your kids to Buckingham Palace where they will enjoy watching Changing of the Guard, a ceremony that even you will enjoy. The other interesting places that you can visit are:

Harrods’ Toy Kingdom: Kids simply love to play and what better way can there be than to immerse them in a sea of toys. Harrods Toy Kingdom in the heart of London is the best place where they will get mesmerised by the magic created by the abundance of different types of toys with which they can play for a whole day. The place offers multi-sensory playing experience ranging from Caramel artisan Papa Bubble making sweets to live dance routines from ‘Fame’ types. The other interesting areas in the Toy Kingdom are a big top, candy store, enchanted forest and alien space pods. For small kids, there is a soft-toy department. It is difficult to find parents coming out from the store without buying a toy for their kid.

The London Zoo: Kids are always fascinated by zoos as they enjoy being in the company of animals and birds. The London Zoo, in particular, is a favourite place for kids as it offers an exclusive Tiger Territory where the tigers climb high feeding poles and go round their terrain. Kids love to come face to face with these ferocious animals although complete protection is provided with floor-to-ceiling, thick glass panels in between them and the animals. Another reason for visiting the zoo has been provided by the birth of triplets to Sumatran tiger Melati.

Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain and Playground
Hyde Park is the most centrally located place in London where adults can relax in its lush green meadows and indulge in leisure activities and kids can experience immense pleasure when they visit the Diana Memorial Fountain and the playground. They love to run through the water and splash around the place. Kids also love to act as pirates at the enormous pirate ship in the area that also has tepees, a beach and other outdoor hideaways. At this Royal Park, the family can have a picnic in a convenient shady patch. There are plenty of restaurants in Hyde Park Paddington where you and your family can grab a bite if you feel hungry.

V&A Museum of Childhood
Kids love to visit this East End museum irrespective of whether they are residents of London or are visiting the city. The museum exhibits the changes that have taken place since the 1600s about how childhood has changed over these years. It has the world’s oldest rocking horse which is a hot favourite with the kids. The beautiful dolls and their doll houses attract the kids who are also enamoured by the 1,000 man figurines.

London Transport Museum
More than 450,000 artefacts covering a period of 200 years are exhibited at this museum providing an insight into the history of London’s transport. The museum also provides entertainment and fun for kids as they can pretend to be driving an old-fashioned London double-decker or an underground train, although both are stationary.

If you are visiting London with your family and would like to take your kids to most of these places, it would be best to stay at Grand Park London Paddington Hotel as it is located in the heart of London close to most attractions and the places of interest to kids.

The Wallace Collection
This is one place that kids love to visit as they can get dressed in sample dresses that used to be worn by knights. The museum which is housed in a former estate home exhibits the collection of Titian, Rembrandt and Velázquez along with a whole lot of shiny knights’ armour. Kids can also visit the trails that include Warrior Kings and Looking for the Owners but they will enjoy it more if they have the recommended children’s audio guide.

House of Vans Skate Park
Built in the tunnels under Waterloo Station, the House of Vans is the only permanent indoor skate park in London. This free attraction has a concrete bowl, ramps and a street course meant for skate enthusiasts, whether they are kids or adults. You can also find an art gallery, live music venue and a cinema here. Exciting events and exhibitions also take place here but they keep changing quickly. It also has a cafe on site where visitors can eat and drink.

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