How to Have a Luxurious Stay in a Budget Hotel

Staying in swanky luxurious hotels, especially in a city like London, is indeed a lot of fun and pleasure but the only problem for ordinary mortals is the high cost of stay that is well beyond their reach. These hotels are usually patronised by the traditionally rich people, business tycoons, top level executives and celebrities who can afford to splurge on the astronomic bills. Most people prefer to stay at lower starred hotels or at budget hotels but there are ways and means of making your stay in these cheap hotels feel more luxurious. The following tips will help you in enjoying the pleasures of luxury hotel while staying in a budget hotel.

Choose a Hotel in or Around Central London: Even if you are staying in a budget hotel, you can get the advantage of being located close to most attractions of the city if you are staying in or around central London as most places of interest are situated there. You will be able to save time, energy and money as you will be able to reach these places by taking a short walk or a short tube or bus ride. These savings will enable you to enjoy other aspects of your stay. Moreover, enjoyment is more of how you tune the state of your mind and as such even if you do not have a beautiful hotel room, you can relax in the lobby if you can come back early from your sightseeing. Hyde Park hotels are located in the heart of London and you can find plenty of budget hotels in this area.

Inspect Your Room Carefully before Moving in: Even if your room does not have fancy luxuries you can have a comfortable stay if the basic facilities are available. As such, you should make it a point to inspect the room allotted to you by the hotel and check a few aspects such as whether there is any disturbing noise coming from nearby such as from an adjoining lift or an ice machine or a fire door. You should also check whether the sheets are clean, whether the air conditioning is working, and whether the bathroom is clean with clean towels and whether hot water is available. It is also important to check whether the room is safe and the locks on the doors and windows are operating properly. These are some of the things to consider while booking a London hotel. If you find that these basic needs are not being fulfilled, you should ask for an alternate room. Even if your room rate is not very high, you have the right to get at least the basic facilities. In case the alternate room allotted to you also has a lot of sound disturbing you, it would be a good idea to keep some ear plugs with you and wear them as and when necessary as you will not hear anything if you have them on.

Add Your Own Facilities: If you are staying in a budget hotel, you can improvise the luxuries that a high-starred hotel offers by making the room cosier. As the hotel will not be offering any scented rooms, you can buy some scented candles and by lighting the same, you can get rid of any stale smell that is often found in cheap hotels. Your favourite smell from the scented candle will give you a feel of being at home. You can even get some good scented candles in a little tin for less than £2.

You can also carry silk pillow cases that are quite light and easy to carry. It may be difficult to carry a pillow because that would be too bulky but a silk pillow case along with a silk sleeping bag liner would be ideal as you can avoid using the hotel’s pillows and sheets that may not be too clean for your liking from the point of view of aesthetics and hygiene.

It would also be a good idea to carry your own luxury toiletries as a budget hotel would certainly not provide any toiletries worth anything. You can always buy a few of these toiletries from duty free and also carry some from home. You can keep collecting samples from department stores by asking for them as if you are interested in buying them. If you show some interest in expensive stuff, you will get plenty of samples. Of course, you have to dress and act as if you are loaded with money.

Carry Some Snacks and Titbits: Even if you are staying in a budget hotel, the room service may not be cheap and as such if you have enough snacks with you, it will be good. You can also carry some wine that is sold in individually sealed plastic wine glasses at a nearby supermarket. Depending on how much you can carry, you can also get some take out and smuggle it in to your room.

Carry your Laptop or iPad: If you wish to avoid having to pay for movies on the hotel’s TV or if the hotel does not have that facility, you should download some movies on your laptop or iPad before you leave home so that you can have free entertainment in your hotel room.

Nurture Good Relationship with the Staff: A budget hotel may not be having a very helpful staff like the personalised services that you can get in a luxury hotel where the staff members are trained to pamper you. As such, it would be a good idea to make friends with the staff of the budget hotel and you will find that they will do all that is possible to help you.



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