How to Holiday Like a True Londoner in London

Come to the beautiful land of London and take back a valuable combination of tours and travel experiences which surely ensure that one comes back for more. This is the place where one gets to have the adventures of the best kind. So whether it is a small tour around the city or just an exciting stay in a local hotel, the city has some of the best things to be done while here. So what is it that attracts a person to this part of the world and how does London live up to the expectation of the masses is the question.

Enjoying a good London breakfast

While here in the city come to the lovely Darwin Brasserie which sure fires up the right kind of breakfast experiences. Here is where one comes back for more and is the place where one can see the Walkie Talkie building. The joint is right here and is at a lofty height and one can sure enjoy the pleasures of poached egg and toast here. The view is beautiful and the entire experience really memorable. One can also visit the Sky Garden here for free and then enjoy the overall pleasures of two restaurants in one stroke.

The Tower of London Experiences

The city of London is incomplete without a tour of the Tower of London and as one takes a stroll around the place one only has to be more and more focused on the ways of coming alive right here. There is no other place better than the Tower and one really loves the time taken out to take a free tour that is usually led by a Yeoman here.

Tower of London

From the Walkie Talkie, we took the short stroll over to the Tower of London. I’d been ages back when actually I shifted to London, but I was really very much keen about return and Kemey had never been. For a history chapter and to hit it home just how earliest (and still relevant) London is, there’s no better place to visit. We could reach there just in time to take a free tour by Yeoman Warder and after that had a gawk at the Crown Jewels. This is surely one of the major attractions of the city and as one comes here looking for other sites the pleasures of a wonderful place is indeed something that has to be experienced to be believed. People come and stay in places like the Park Grand London Hyde Park Hotel and take back a unique experience.

The River and the Pleasures Around

After the tour of the tower one can take the Thames Clipper and enjoy the cruises here. The Clippers are said to be the Londoners’ most convenient public transport. So one can live it up in this like a true Londoner and enjoy the pleasures of a lovely way of going around the city. However it is not for the daily commuters so one can just enjoy the scenic beauty around and also get down at the Embankment and spend some time here. Then there is the St. James’s Park lounge to enjoy and also the window shopping experience at Mayfair.

Afternoon Tea at Montcalm Brewery London City Hotel

London is very famous for its afternoon tea experiences and the Montcalm Brewery is one of the ideal spots to be in as one enjoys the true experience of being in London. The Montcalm Brewery London City Hotel has the most important landmark of being the place of birth of so many English traditions and the afternoon tea is indeed an iconic feel. It is usually served in the Art Deco ambience and style and the Palm Court area which is the venue for such get together indeed provides one a convenient and stylish British way of relaxing in style and comfort. Indeed it is a tea delight fit for a queen and with the kind of jazz performances that are held here the overall experience is something that remains etched forever.

The Best bar Experiences in London

While in London, one can enjoy the pleasures of a bar like a true local. Yes, for all the tea experiences in the neighborhood this is also the place where one gets a good drink. Come to Artesian and enjoy the world’s best bar and take back a memory that is unbeatable. Everyone is amazed at the place and the entire place is done up in a Salvador Dali’s style.

The Underground Fare

While in London everyone would surely love to enjoy the Underground as a solo mission. This surely takes one from one important place to the other important place. As it weaves its way between Walthamstow in the Northeast of London to Brixton in the southern end of the city there is indeed a lovely Tube feel that is unique and special to any visitor. There are shops with all kinds of items on the way in the station and one can tuck into the freshly baked goods along with the regular maple, blueberry, cherry and pistachio cookie which is so much a part of these places.

Enjoying the British Sculpture at your best

Britain is famous for its artistic sculptures and the first stop of the Tube Tour is Pimlico where one loves to enjoy the delights of Tate Britain. This is where one finds the best of British sculptures and this is the ideal way one can enjoy the pleasures of being in this part of the British world. Usually the exhibition is there for a long time and people love to come here and take back the genuine feel. Come to this wonder land and make the wonder happen.

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