How to Make Out Whether You Have Gone Native

When you first land in London, you will be intrigued by the way Londoners talk, behave and go about their daily chores as these aspects will be different from the way you have been brought up, particularly if you belong to a different country and have a different cultural and religious background. However, very soon you will get to know the cultural and linguistic differences and then you will start imitating their mannerisms and become native.

Attitude to Public Transport: Londoners have their own way of looking at public transport. Transport for London is very efficient and can get you anywhere you wish to go easily, if you know which tube or bus to take. Londoners just jump on the tube oblivious of whether it is the right train and content that they will get to their destination somehow or the other.

Metro is Free: The tabloid Metro is free and it is an ideal way to while away your time on a bus or on the tube. Moreover, it offers reliable information and news that we like to read although Londoners may not care about what Lady Gaga had for breakfast. So, if you are seen browsing the Metro on the tube, it’s a sure sign that you have become native.

Not Much Talking: If you have started understanding others without much talking, it can be inferred that you have turned native.

If you decide to stay at Grand Royale Hotel Hyde Park London when you are visiting London, it shows that you know exactly the best place to stay in order to be located close to most attractions and to enjoy luxurious accommodation with best facilities and it shows that you are becoming a native.

Making Eye Contact: Londoners do not like talking to others on the train before having their breakfast or making eye contact. People who follow this unwritten code and are no longer slow walkers or if they do not talk loudly on buses qualify for having become native.

Not Intolerant: In London you can walk around with blue hair and mismatched shoes without attracting anyone’s attention. As such, you are considered to be a native if you are also not bothered by such irregularities.

Become a Gastronome: If you have got into the habit of eating out at the drop of a hat, even if you have just finished shopping, you will be considered to be a native.

There are many Best London Restaurants where you can get delectable dishes of different cuisines, all designed to satisfy your culinary interests.

Attitude to Money: If you have adapted to the way Londoners look at simple pleasures or necessities of life by paying over the odds, you are a native, for sure. Moreover, if you have started using the phrase ‘that’s actually not too bad’ in order to soften the impact of frivolous spending, even when you paid through your nose for a couple of drinks and cokes, you are a complete native.

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