How to Plan A 5 Day trip To London?

Being one of the most preferred holiday destination London gets an overwhelming number of visitors all year round and every year. It is one of those cities in the world that will feature in the top 10 holiday destination list of probably every magazine or website or article or blog. Not only is it among the dream holiday destinations, it is also an extremely important financial market of UK. however, that does not take away from the fact that this holiday London will be the perfect place for you.

If you have never been to London before, you will probably be quite confused about what to expect and how to plan the trip. With so many conflicting information  available about the city on the Internet, it is hard to choose which are the best advices. This is why we have kept it simple and created the perfect guide for you to follow if you are planning on a 5 day trip to the English capital.

The first thing to do while planning the trip will be to get a flight ticket and a hotel reservation. Depending on the availability of flight ticket you will have to decide in which order you want to complete these two tasks. You must compare and check with your travel agency to know the cheapest rates of the tickets available.

Once you have your flight confirmed, it is time to get the best accommodation in brewery London City. Well, the city is quite costly and if you go about looking for the best in the city, there is a high probability that you will quit planning. But, there are places that will get you great accommodation without burning a hole through your pocket. The London city suites are great if you are looking to find some really affordable offers without compromising on the quality of the stay. It is perfect for those who are looking to save on the accommodation and spend on sightseeing. The Montcalm Brewery Hotel on Chiswell Street London will be a great place to check out while finding reservation. One thing that you need to check is that you are not being charged for services that you will never require. Get the room without much fringe benefits. In any case, these five days are going to be quite a stay and there is not much room for enjoying any extra service at the hotel besides having a place to enjoy the night after a tiring day. Let’s take a look at how you can get your itinerary set for the trip.

Before you begin, remember that London is a costly pace and thus you will need all the discounts you can manage to. Even the locals use them on a regular basis. To begin with, you should get the London Pass. it is a travellers pass that will get you to a large number of attractions without any entry fee. The pass has over 60 places in the city in its list. You also get the Oyster travel card. This card can be filled with credits. However, when you get it with the London Pass it will come pre-filled depending upon the number of days for which you are taking the London Pass. The Oyster card is the smartest way to travel in London since it will give you as much as 50% discount on the regular ticket on any public transport. Now that these are all set, you are ready to make your plan for the five days in London.

Even though you might feel like going to the Buckingham Palace the very first day, do not do so. Begin the trip with a visit to the St. Paul’s Cathedral. Whether you are going up or down, this place has amazing views both ways. From the top of the building you will get one of the most spectacular views of the city. The St. Paul’s Cathedral is a prominent building that you are going to notice in the city’s skyline. Down below in the cathedral, there is the crypt. It is open for public visit as well. You should have very comfortable footwears since the Golden Gallery is 528 steps up.

When you are at the cathedral, couple up the visit with that of the Millennium Bridge. This is probably the most spectacular pedestrian bridge in the city. Taking a picture with the bridge and the St. Paul’s Cathedral in the back will give you an amazing perspective. Here’s an interesting fact. The bridge is where a Harry Potter movie sequence was shot. See if you can identify it!

Next, enjoy a visit to the Tate Museum. As is with most museums in the city, the entry is free of cost. The museums in London are in no way a boring experience. They are some of the most fascinating places to visit. Once you are done checking this place out, end the day with a trip to the Borough Market. Do not forget to try out some street side food.

For the second day, you can have a much more exciting and busy schedule. Keep the Trafalgar Square on your itinerary. Reach early to the place as it becomes really crowded and noisy as the day pass by. Then check out the National Gallery and British Museum. These hold some of the finest exhibits in London and there is no way you should miss out on checking out these two places. Is you are feeling hungry; check out the Covent Garden area for some really wonderful restaurants. Finish off the day with a visit to the Oxford Street for shopping and then a relaxing stroll through the Piccadilly Circus.

Keep the more famous attractions of the city such as Big Ben, London Eye, House of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Natural History Museum and Victoria and Albert Museum for the third day. These will take up entire day, so plan accordingly.

The Tower of London and the Tower Bridge of London can wait for the fourth day. Keep the day light. Visit the Camden Market in the end and check out crafts, clothes and fast foods.

On the final day, have a stroll through the Hyde Park and check out the Marble Arch. the Kensington Garden is also just adjacent. Do not forget to get drinks at a London pub.
Prepare a plan and enjoy the beauty of London. The city has much to offer.

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