How to Plan Excursions in London by Using Your Mobile

The Smartphone has revolutionized the world of communications to the extent that just with a click of a button, you can see and talk to a person located on the other side of the world. The mobile phone also has many other applications that have made life much easier than before. One of these conveniences is to download a few apps that help in organizing your trip to London and in offering valuable suggestions on the spur of the moment regarding which places to see, how to get there, finding the right hotels in London central and how to make the most of the limited amount of time that you may be having at your disposal when you land in the city.

London GPS City

By downloading the app The London GPS City Guide and listing your essential interests, you can plan out easily about how to choose which places to visit out of the hundreds of attractions, the best itinerary for the day and how to get there from your hotel in London central. The app also offers a voice guide and when you hold up the phone, it will identify what you are looking at.

City Maps and Walks

With the app on City Maps and Walks, you will be able to walk around the city in an easily navigable manner. The app’s detailed maps and “Find me” feature will ensure that you will not get lost and will warn you if you move in the wrong direction. It also offers audio narrations for the walks that it has planned for you.

Tube Routes

Getting around London can be done easily if you know the tube routes and the app on London Tube Deluxe will plan out your journey including informing you about stations with disabled access and choosing the best routes and informing you about any disruptions and road closures on your planned route.


If you wish to undertake bus journeys, you can download the free app London Bus Timing Countdown that uses data from Transport for London and helps in planning bus journeys. The GPS feature of the app helps in identifying the nearest buses to your current location. You can also refer to favorite routes that you can save, at any time of your trip.

The free app London Travel Planner

The free app London Travel Planner covers train, bus, taxis and chauffeur services and helps as a back-up when you are at quite a distance from hotels in London central after a late night out. You can use the “Take me Home” feature to get authorized taxis to get you back safely to your hotel.

There are many other apps that can prove to be very helpful during your trip to London.

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