How To See The Best Of London In 3 Days

Even if you are a seasoned traveller, you will find it very difficult to explore all that London has to offer such as its attractions, arts and culture, food options, exotic nightlife and shopping. In fact, this period of time will not even be sufficient to scratch the surface of all its offerings. However, most people have limited time at their disposal and basically, London is an expensive city. As such, if you wish to make the most of your 3-day trip to London, the following tips and itinerary would be of help.

It is important to get an Oyster Card even before leaving your place of residence and get it topped up so that you can start using it as soon as you arrive in the city. Secondly, get oriented to the food scenario on the very first day so that you know where you can get the type of food you like and at a price that you can afford. Thirdly, postpone visiting a nightclub for dancing for the last evening because you need to have full energy intact on the three days so that you can move around extensively to visit the various attractions.

Day 1

On the first day, you should plan to explore the sights and sounds that the city offers. After a hearty breakfast, you should reach central London so that you see Big Ben, which is the most iconic of all the landmarks of the city, symbolising it at various media presentations such as films, TV shows etc. You can just have a look from outside, admire it and maybe take some photographs. Just by its side, you will find another iconic landmark, the Houses of Parliament that you can tour, see its proceedings and even enjoy a snack. You can then admire Westminster Abbey which is just a stone’s throw away and move across around the corner to Horse Guards Parade and probably be able to see the Changing of the Guards that takes place at 11am Monday – Saturday and 10am on Sunday. This great English tradition is a must-see daily event and as such you can adjust your timings so that you are there at the right time. If you wish to see some important people, you can take a look around the corner of Downing Street and maybe spot some VIP coming out of a little black door bearing No 10 on it, which is the official residence of the Prime Minister.

The best way to be able to see maximum number of attractions in London is to stay in a Hyde Park Hotel as you would be located in the midst of all the attractions of central London and in close proximity to most places of interest.

You should then walk down The Mall and reach Buckingham Palace and if the flag is up, you will know that the Queen is in residence. There is little chance of seeing her but you can admire the majestic architecture of this massive palace. Hopping on the Jubilee Line from Green Park, you should go to Waterloo Station and then take a ride on the giant Ferris wheel, the London Eye. You should book the trip in advance. It will take 30 minutes for the wheel to go round. This should provide a grand finale to your first day’s escapades and will tire you out completely, necessitating a drink and complete rest.

For visitors looking for a sophisticated and luxurious place to stay in the heart of London, the best option is to stay at Paddington Court Executive Rooms as it also provides most comfortable accommodation and best facilities.

Day 2

You can devote your second day for shopping and enjoying the arts and cultural offerings of the city. A good place to start the day would be the Victoria and Albert Museum where you can explore art, architecture, relics and photography. It is one of the most comprehensive museums in London that will satisfy all your art cravings. The next stop can be Harrods, a short walk from Brompton Road, where you will enjoy window shopping because everything is so expensive. You should now be prepared for a little trek that will take you to Tate Modern where you can explore the latest in modern art and culture. There is a lot to see including exhibitions, but you will need to restrain yourself from spending too much time. A short walk away, you will find Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre that will enable you to take a tour, see an exhibition as well as the works of the Bard of Avon in a live setting. If you have time, you must watch a play here.

Day 3

London is famous for its theatres, food and nightlife and you must devote your third day to these two aspects. Starting your day early, you should visit one of the theatres on the West End and hopefully be able to grab a ticket and then see your favourite play or musical show. If there is time on hand after buying the ticket, you can wander around Leicester Square and do some people watching, visiting markets, roaming the gardens, and just getting into the groove of the hustle and bustle of city life in London. If you still have some time before the show, you should indulge in having afternoon tea, which is a quintessential English tradition that you must experience while enjoying scones, cakes and a pot full of excellent tea. The next activity is to do some shopping at Oxford Street and just go berserk with buying all that you want, subject to the limits of your budget. After the shopping spree, you should go back to your hotel, take a shower, and get ready for enjoying dancing but before that, you should go to any of the restaurants in West End and enjoy pre-theatre dinner and then enjoy the show.

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