Important things that travellers should know about Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park

Tourists heading to Hyde Park will definitely want to visit the brilliant Speakers’ Corner that is a very important, historic part of the famous green space. Often when tourists venture to the park they will visit the popular Serpentine Galleries and the children’s playground dedicated to the late Princess Diana. What they will often forget about is the amazing Speakers’ Corner that is known for its open-air public speeches. It is located in the northeast corner of the park and is closest to the Marble Arch end. It has had many famous people talk about the crucial subjects of the day such as German philosopher Karl Marx and author George Orwell.

It was also famously used by the suffragettes between the years of 1906 and 1914 as they worked towards campaigning to give women the right to vote. It was actually in 1872 that an act of parliament set aside this part of Hyde Park for public speaking. Tourists can head there on Sundays to still listen to people discussing issues that concern them. This spot was actually used around 250 years ago by prisoners who were condemned to be hanged at the famous Tyburn Gallows found nearby. They were allowed to give one final speech and a huge crowd would gather to listen to what these people had to say. These were considered events and Londoners could buy a ticket to see the speech from a wooden platform seat.

This popular soapbox was actually one of many in the UK that existed on street corners and in marketplaces and parks. Hyde Park became known as a spot that could take large crowds of people so was an ideal place for someone to give a speech. In 2003 there was a massive rally there that was against military action in Iraq, and it was estimated there were around a million people there. Speakers at this event included actress Vanessa Redgrave, playwright Harold Pinter and human rights campaigner Bianca Jagger. Tourists wanting to stay close to the park must pick the brilliant MStay Hyde Park Hotel that’s ideal for first-time visitors.

This hotel near Marylebone High Street has spacious rooms with a number of modern amenities including an LCD digital television and complimentary Wi-Fi. There are many different sizes of living space available including triple and family, making this a great hotel for large groups. The air-conditioned rooms are very comfortable and allow travellers to unwind. They also offer a handy kitchenette and the living spaces contain an en-suite shower room with toiletries. This beautiful accommodation is perfect for travellers heading to London for either business or pleasure, and is particularly great for first-time visitors.

There are plenty of other places travellers can venture to in Hyde Park including the amazing Kensington Palace. This is a working royal residence that has a pretty building and gorgeous interiors. It used to house the late Princess Diana and now is home to her two sons Princes William and Harry. Tourists will adore this green space as they can play sports such as football, rugby and tennis when they visit. The park is a very relaxing destination that’s ideal for travellers who want to unwind during a hectic day of sight-seeing in central London.

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