Indoor Activities Galore for Families Visiting London

Except for a few hot summer days, the weather in London is mostly dreary, cold and overcast with rain and winds appearing every now and then. However, despite such inclement weather most of the time, London is agog with tourists and other visitors who are interested in sightseeing or in business activities. If you are visiting London with your family and it starts raining and gets windy, there is no need for despair as the city offers lots of exciting and fun indoor activities that are ideal for kids and even for the whole family, despite rainy weather outside.

SEA LIFE London Aquarium: Located at County Hall, Riverside Building, it exhibits 500 species of aquatic life ranging from sharks and piranhas to Nemo-style clown fish. Your family will be engrossed by the daily feeds and talks when sharks and other species, that usually stay in coral reefs and rainforests, can be seen enjoying their lunch. They will find it to be more interesting to be surrounded by water at this place rather than being drenched in the rain outside

London Dungeon: There is no better place to escape the rain than by going underground and visiting an interesting attraction such as the London Dungeon which is located under the County Hall on the South Bank. A thrilling 90-minute tour of this grisly relic of the past will include live shows, underground rides and scary special effects. This unique attraction will transport you back to the most horrible bits of the past so that you can see the darkest stories of funny characters, from tortures and judges to local legends. These stories will take you to a completely different world through surprises and not knowing what might come up next.

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Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter: The immense popularity of Harry Potter has bewitched most people and if you wish to see where all the magic was created for the films, you can take a unique walking tour that will enable you to go behind the scenes and see the beautiful sets, costumes and props. You may also be able to explore some unknown secrets especially regarding the special effects and animatronics that were instrumental in making these films so popular. You can also step inside some of the films’ locations including the Great Hall, Dumbledore’s office and Hagrid’s hut.

Theatre and Music Shows: Your kids can enjoy family-friendly theatre shows, kid-friendly musicals and puppet shows that are available in plenty in London. The kids’ shows are shorter than the other theatre performances as kids do not like to sit for two long hours. London also has some special children’s theatres.

Horniman Museum: Located in Forest Hill in South East London, this free museum is full of exhibitions and activities and it has extensive collections of anthropology, natural history and musical instruments. It hosts a variety of special exhibitions, concerts, festivals, shows, workshops and activities. You will love the massive overstuffed walrus, the new aquarium, the beautiful gardens and the cafe.

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Top Ten Toyshops in London: There is nothing more attractive to a kid than toys and London offers ten fantastic toyshops that offer everything from retro toys to the latest ones. The gadgets and kits available at the Science Museum shop will be of great interest to budding scientists whereas Harry Potter fans will get immersed in the Harry Potter shop. At Hamleys, which is London’s most famous toyshop, kids can spend a whole day at its seven floors that are packed with every conceivable toy from all the popular brands. The other important toyshops in London include The Toy Store, The Disney Store, Benjamin Pollock’s Toyshop, The Harry Potter Shop, Honeyjam, Puppet Planet, Science Museum Shop, Semnalina and Sylvanian Families.

Natural History Museum: This free museum has a lot for kids as they can admire a life-sized blue whale and a roaring T-Rex dinosaur. It also offers many child-friendly interactive activities such as at Darwin Centre where they can get hands-on at the Investigate Science lab or they can get shaken up in the earthquake machine. Such educative and adventurous experiences will be very useful and entertaining for them.

National Maritime Museum: Both adults and children will find it interesting to come face to face with the Meridian Line of Greenwich Mean Time at the Royal Observatory which is part of the museum, and the stars at the London Planetarium. There is a lot that you and your family can do like jumping between the eastern and western hemispheres, seeing a show at the planetarium, visiting the time galleries or seeing London’s only public camera obscura.

Science Museum: This free museum offers an amazing 3D IMAX screen that will simply fascinate you. At the Space Station, you can experience a rocket launch or you can float in Deep Sea with jellyfish or else you can meet orphaned orang-utans in Born To Be Wild. If it starts raining when you are in Southbank, this can be the ideal retreat for you.

Discover: This children’s story making centre in Stratford is ideal for nurturing the creative talents of your kids who can also visit a pirate ship or explore a secret cave. When the rain stops they can explore the Story Garden outside.

V&A Museum of Childhood: With a collection replete with rag dolls, teddy bears, board games, dolls’ houses and many other things, some dating back to the 16th century, it is an ideal place for kids. Free activities and tours are also available.


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