Indulging in Unusual Evening Activities in London

London never ceases to amaze me as it has so much to offer, whether the usual attractions and activities that most places have albeit to varying degrees or unusual, out-of-the-ordinary activities that you may not have even imagined. It is these varying shades of entertainment and activities that set apart London from other places of the world and have aptly placed it among the top echelons of all tourist destinations. The usual evening activities for visitors and even for residents abound in the city such as clubbing, seeing a movie, going to the theatre, eating out or attending a party. These activities are no doubt full of entertainment but the thrill and fun that you can get by indulging in unusual activities is a different feel altogether. The following quirky and unusual activities can be done either alone or in the company of friends or relatives. If you still have some energy left, you can go to the club afterwards.

Indulge in Stargazing: You can go to Hampstead Heath which offers the highest point in London and an ideal place to relax on its lush green surface and look up to fathom the marvel of this universe. There is nothing like being at ease with your own self while staring at the stars. If you have had your fill, you can walk back to the Hampstead Observatory where you can get a closer look at the heavenly bodies through their telescopes that are offered free from 20:00-22:00 hours on Friday and Saturday from September to April.

Observe Nocturnal Animals in Hyde Park: Covering an area of 350 acres, Hyde Park is one of the eight Royal Parks in London and offers many leisure activities as well as famous attractions for sightseeing. Whereas most tourists are satisfied by seeing the Speakers’ Corner, Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain, Serpentine Gallery, Serpentine Solar and Peter Pan statue, people looking for something unusual can indulge in watching nocturnal animals such as the Pipistrelle which is Europe’s smallest species of bat and the Noctule which is Britain’s largest bat, as both these species can be seen in the park at dusk darting across the water searching for bugs and midges, at the Serpentine Lake. You can get more information regarding bats in the city as events such as public bat walks and surveys during the summer months are presented by the London Bat Group.

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Experience the Thrill of a Night-Time Terror Walk: You can join the official Jack the Ripper Tour that takes place every night, 7 days a week and follows the route taken by Jack the Ripper. It is a 2 hour walk around Whitechapel and the East End that will also provide information regarding London’s most infamous criminal’s gruesome past. It can indeed be a spine-chilling experience. The tour starts at 19:00 from outside exit 4 of Aldgate east tube station and it costs nine pounds per person and lasts two hours.

An Evening in Highgate Cemetery: A cemetery is a highly unlikely place for spending an evening but Highgate Cemetery is something else as it is designated Grade I on the English Heritage Register of Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest in England. Many different evening events are held at the cemetery throughout the year including talks by various artists and authors. These evenings are highly popular and as such it is advisable to book tickets in advance as they cost just ten pounds per person.

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Enjoy an Outdoor Movie: All across London, outdoor film screens pop up exhibiting films throughout the summer. Watching a film, while relaxing under the open sky, is an exhilarating experience that is enjoyed by many people. Camden offers the Backyard Cinema that usually screens classic films and Rooftop Film Club that screens films at various locations in London during the summer months. You can get information regarding the locations and tickets if you sign up for their newsletter. It offers screenings on 5 nights a week as well as comfortable seats and wireless headphone.

Get a Panoramic View of the City from Atop the O2: If you love heights and would like to get a spectacular view of London, you have to climb the O2 arena at sunset or twilight for getting an experience of a lifetime. You will be climbing across the centre of this iconic London landmark in the company of other visitors while having a safety harness on you. You can’t afford to go there without your camera.

Indulge in Street Skating – Join the London Friday Night Skate: On any Friday evening, you can join a group of hundreds of skaters and follow a marshalled street skate around the centre of London. The group meets at 20:00 at Wellington Arch at Hyde Park Corner and welcomes all those who have basic control on their skates so that they can stop, turn, and control their speed on hills. Every week, the event follows a different route and it is completely free for participants.

Enjoy a Completely Sensory Culinary Experience: Dans Le Noir is a completely different type of restaurant that provides dining in the dark experience as the whole restaurant is in complete darkness. Moreover, it is staffed by blind guides who will guide you to your seat and provide gastronomic guidance as well. Even the menus are surprises so that you just would not know as to what is in store for you but you are informed about the category of food that will be served. There is constant change in the menus that are designed around seasons and special events. Dans Le Noir is in Clerkenwell and is well-connected by the Underground.

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