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One of the most admiring aspects of having a london vacation is most certainly the idea of checking out the brilliant plethora of outstanding open green spaces and parklands. Every year, millions of tourists look ahead to take a trip to the English capital for the sake of soothing their eyes with the fascinating sights and travel attractions. Along with exploring the wide array of sights and attractions, most of the tourists also find it to be a quite happening way of taking trip across the city’s parks. If you look the map of Europe, more than half of its greener space is located in the city of london. In case you are planning to take a trip of the city of london, you would definitely love the idea of enjoying a fascinating tour of the English parks which will delight your senses in the most fabulous way ahead. london city boasts of having a well enriched array of parklands and open greener spaces where most of the people looking out for tranquility choose to visit.

If you have never been to the city of london and genuinely look ahead to plan your upcoming trip to the English capital then you must look forward to list down some of the parks which continue to enrich the city’s eccentricity since ages. Most of the people are well accustomed with names such as the Royal Hyde Park, Kensington Garden, Green Park, Regent’s Park and many more. Among the list of parklands and open spaces, many people tend to miss out on the names of some of the vital gardens and parks which hold significant historical importance in the British capital. One of them is most certainly the Crystal Palace Park. Everything happens to be simply great about Hyde Park but it is the beauty of the Crystal Palace Park that attracts some major visitors. This article puts some light on the location, significance and several other fascinating attributes of this Victorian Park that have been captivating the attention of thousands of visitors on a yearly basis.

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Crystal Palace Park: This is one of the mostly visited English parks in the British capital. It is a Grade II listed site which has its base right within the London Borough of Bromley. The park extends towards the boundary of Lambeth, Croydon, Southwark and Lewisham. Being one of the largest parks in South London, it holds immense significance which continues to enrich the spirit of vacation among every tourist.

At present, the park is home to the National Sports Centre. This is the place where a wide number of recreational activities along with a large plethora of heritage features continue to entice the millions of visitors comes and stay at Restaurant & Bar Kensington

While visiting this eccentric park in South London, you would absolutely love the idea of checking out a wide variety of activities. There are several fabulous reasons enriching the attention of every visitor on why they should be visiting the famous Crystal Palace Park in London. Some of them have been listed below.

  • Italian Terraces which spruce up the spirit of every vacationer. With their sculptures surviving from the Crystal Palace, the Italian Terraces are just the sights which you cannot afford to miss at any cost. Both the upper and lower terraces in the Park are connected by several flights of stairs with sphinxes flanking each one of the flights.
  • Bust of Sir Joseph Paxton continues to captivate the visitors’ attention. The bust was unveiled in 1873. It was sculpted by the reputed William F. Woodington. It was originally positioned towards the Palace Building right over the central pool on the Grand Central Walk.
  • The Crystal Palace Park Dinosaurs were the Victorians’ answer to creating the world of Jurassic Park. Richard Owen, the founder of the Natural History Museum and Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins, the sculptor and fossil expert had jointly erected the model dinosaurs when the park was first opened to the public. The artistic representations of dinosaurs have been thoroughly enjoyed by both the younger and older generations. Enjoy the free audio guide while exploring all of these majestic representations of the creatures.
  • A café where you will be treated with several delicious treats.
  • Separate play ground for the kids.
  • Maze for the lifting up the overall appearance
  • Fishing lake for those who show interest in fishing activities
  • Concert bowl
  • Farmland for the children and many more.

The Crystal Palace Park is famous for being a Victorian Pleasure Ground which has been used for several sporting and cultural activities. The aesthetic stadium in this park had housed the football ground that hosted the FA Cup Final from the year 1895 to 1914 at a stretch. Having been situated halfway along the famous Norwood Ridge at one of its highest points, the Park looks even more exquisite. The ridge provides some amazing views to the visitors. As you explore the northwards, you will be stunned to find yourself gazing at the picturesque views to the centre of the English capital. The southward views extend from Croydon to the North Downs. This major London public park holds significant importance among the hearts of many visitors.

If in case you are extremely concerned about how to reach the Park then you can take a short walk from the Crystal Palace Station or the Penge West Station. There are several bus routes available serving the park. The areas include 3,202,157, 249,322, 450 and many others.

Free car parking is available at the Thicket Road and Anerly Hill. Hence you do not have to bother about where to park your car while going out on a sightseeing spree to this famous Victorian Crystal Palace Park.

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