Interesting things to do in London

When it comes to cultural attractions, world-class shopping and entertainment and unusual diversions, London is incomparable. It would not be hyperbole to state that one could participate in a different recreational activity every night all through the year.

If you plan a holiday in London, Shaftesbury Hyde Park International hotel is perfect location where you stay is the key to enjoying a wonderful trip. Whether you plan to stay the weekend in London or spend a fortnight in the city, there is a wide variety of hotel accommodation available.

One of the best hotels to stay in the city in terms of price, luxury and location is the Hyde Park International, which is just a stone throw’s away from most of the prominent attractions in the city. Some of the more unusual and interesting things to do when on a holiday in London are:

Take a free art tour of the National Gallery: Situated at Trafalgar Square you will find London’s famous National Gallery. It offers free access to visitors and is the ideal place to learn more the culture and history of this fascinating city. The tours are conducted by experts in art, who engage visitors with the history and details of the vast display of paintings and art work on display. It makes for a most engaging tour and is a great place to spend an afternoon.

 Pay a visit to Dennis Severs’ House at Spitalfields: One of the more unusual places to visit in the city is Dennis Severs’s 18th-century townhouse. It is like travelling back in time.  Visitors to the mansion are enamoured while they wander through the property, which features period furniture and decor. Its 10 massive Georgian and Victorian rooms exhibit authentic furniture and items from that period, which remain seemingly unchanged even after its last inhabitants the family of Huguenot left. A truly unique way to travel back in time to London’s past.

Enjoy a cup of English High Tea at a Hyde Park hotel: Once you are done with shopping stops, touring and sightseeing, there is nothing better than enjoying a classic English afternoon tea in London. Take a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of London and enjoy this quintessential British experience at a Hyde Park hotel.

Climb up Westminster Cathedral’s bell tower: No we are not referring to Westminster Abbey! Westminster Cathedral is an altogether different attraction that is overlooked at times. What makes it all the more attractive is this Byzantine-style building’s impressive 83-metre bell tower. If you have the energy and want to get some of the best aerial views of the city then ascend its steps to the top of the bell tower.

Take a dip in the city’s famous lidos: If you are in London in the summer then there is nothing better than to take a dip in any of the city’s famous lidos, which date from the 1920s and ‘30s. These are especially popular with locals, when the mercury soars and is a great way to chill in the city. Along with the numerous outdoor swimming pools most of the lido’s offer restaurants and cafes. A cool way to beat the heat!


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