Interesting things you need to know about the Borough Market London

Every tourist is different from the other. It is the desire to see something unique sets the trend for different kinds of tourists. Every single tourist destination gets to witness travelers belonging to different genres and having distinctive taste and preferences. While some may choose to see the artistic exquisiteness while visiting a destination, some will choose to stick to checking out only the cultural aspects. while some may prefer to explore only the trademark tourist attractions that people generally visit every time they think of planning a trip to some place good, some tend to look at the other hidden gems that the destination posses. If in case you belong to the last category and have always shown plenty of interest into checking out places of interests that are aimed at seeing all the attractions that are visited by less number of people then you are sure to enjoy a pleasant surprise in the British capital.

London, the name is enough to make people feel elegant let alone visiting the world capital in person which is definitely great. If it has always been about exploring the eccentric travel quotient that the city of London is all about then you ought to plan your trip wisely. The more you take out time to plan things differently, the better will be the outcome of the trip.

Not many people can afford a trip to London. If you are the one who is blessed with enough money, adequate time and abundance of energy then you should consider taking a trip to the capital of England that holds immense significance in the life of every tourist even the ones with discerning souls.

If you are wondering about where to start your journey in London from then you should begin by means of booking a hotel that gives you good location, great facilities and a happening vacation stay. For instance, if you stay at Park Grand Kensington Hotel London, you will be offered with each one of these three ultimate options.

For any tourist who has plans to visit London city, he or she can look ahead to take some initiatives and visit certain mesmerizing places that do not fall under the category of the usual tourist trail. Almost everybody finds interest in checking out the ever so bustling hotspots that the city of London takes pride to offer. Only a few tend to have the interest in checking out the places that make them feel different. It is all about how well you can design your trip that will eventually matter.

Have you heard about the Borough Market in London city? This is a famous market place that has its base on the southern side of the River Thames. Discover the beauty of the Borough Market which will give you a great feeling. You would love the idea of wandering around the wonderful and bustling food market that is definitely one of the best places to be seen at in the entire world. There is nothing more wonderful than the sights and smells of this ever so bustling market place. The Borough Market in London has its base in Southwark which is just a few minutes’ walk from the Tower Bridge. It tends to smack the visitors right in their face with the abundance of culinary options it tends to offer. There is absolutely no spice or food item which cannot be found in the Borough Market of London. Each and every hard to find spices, mash and even all sorts of exotic pleasures could be found here easily.

More about the Borough Market

This vibrant food market has been divided into four integral sections. The market takes the shape of a maze that is crammed with gourmet food stalls where the traders share their produces with the customers. Over here, you will be able to come across the delightful sight of checking out fresh Pecorino cheese from Tuscany at some of the food stalls and also crumbly fudge with its sugar being sourced straight from West Kenya. Overall, the Borough Market is indeed a wonderful place to be seen at. This is most certainly one of the most important places in London where you will get to find plenty of people walking past the stalls and buying stuff.

While staying at the Kensington hotel London, you can surely make it a point to drop by this famous marketplace and explore the variety of stuff that gets sold regularly. If you feel thirsty then you can quench your thirst by paying a visit to one of the fruit juice stall where the vendor will provide you with amazing English fruit juices without adding any kind of preservatives.

Apart from all these, you would also love the idea of sampling a wide selection of aromatic blends in this market. The Borough Market remains open for three days in a week at different timings. You need to know the exact time so that you do not have to miss out on anything significant.

  • Thursdays- 11 am to 5 pm
  • Fridays- 12 pm to 6 pm and
  • Saturdays- 9 am to 4 pm

Since Saturday is a weekend, the market remains flooded with a large number of people, most of them being the natives who intend to shop for their favorite stuff from the Borough Market. This market is considered to be one of the most important retail centers for fine food offerings in England. It provides an escape from the supermarket chains that mostly offer packaged and processed food. There are ingredients that you can sample before you buy so that you get to bring the desired taste in your food at dinner. A wide variety of cheese is made to be available in this market that you can proudly sample before purchasing. The kind of frantic energy this market has is itself a big thing to discover. Get to enjoy a slice of London in this marketplace that you would never ever forget in life.

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