Interesting walking tours in London

For those who visit London for the first time there is an incredible number of attractions to visit in this charming city. You need to have a well planned itinerary to ensure you do not miss out on some of the best attractions in the city. While London is a great place to visit at any part of the year, it is best suited to explore in springtime, when the weather is relatively pleasant and you can make the most of your trip.

When it comes to finding quality accommodation the city has some incredibly fine hotels to stay at. Of course, if you truly want to be able to see the most on your trip you need to choose a hotel that is in Central London, like Hyde Park. One of the main benefits of staying at a Hyde Park accommodation is it offers convenient access to all of the prominent attractions in London.

Staying at a luxury hotel like the Grand Royale London Hyde Park hotel will offer you an excellent opportunity to take a walking tour of London. A walking tour offers visitors a unique perspective of seeing and exploring things at your own pace. And London indeed has some amazing places to visit. London is a city that is two-millennia-old and has a rich and glorious history, beginning with the ancient Romans right up to the British monarchy. Its beautiful architecture is centuries and its famous museums house art and archaeological treasures from across the world. So put on a pair of comfy walking shoes and set off to explore the many walking tours available in London. Some of the more prominent and interesting walking tours of London include:

The James Bond Tour

Are you a fan of 007 the legendary secret agent with a licence to kill! If you are a James Bond enthusiast you must sign up for the trip, to learn more about the famous secret agent created by Ian Fleming. You can explore the area where Ian Fleming was born, the shops he patronised and the clubs where he socialised. You will also be given a tour of St. James and Mayfair two spots which are synonymous with James Bond.

The Roman London Walking Tour

London was home to the ancient Romans, evidence of which can be seen at several of the city’s museums. There have been considerable archaeological relics and artefacts which have been unearthed ever since. The best way to learn more about the ancient Roman connection is to sign up for the Roman London Walking Tour conducted by a former archaeologist at the Museum of London. The tour will offer you an opportunity to explore the city in ancient Roman Style where you will learn about ancient Londinium, a name given by the Romans to London. You will be taken on a tour of what used to be ancient Londinium!

The Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Tour

If you are a Sherlock aficionado then you must hop along on the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle walking tour of the city. Visitors will get a rare glimpse into the life of the famous writer by visiting some of his favourite haunts. These include a tour of the clubs, theatres, the many publishers he visited and even a tour of the hotel where his marriage reception was held! These also include spots where he crossed paths with other famous literary figures of the era like Bram Stoker, Henry Irving and J.M. Barrie.

The Artists’ Colony Tour

For those who have a passion for art and culture another specialty of the city to explore it is fascinating art scene. Situated in the city’s posh Chelsea district is the Artist’s Colony, which is also home to some of the best art galleries in the city. Visitors also get to see the homes of well known Londoners like Boyce’s Queen Anne House and Shaw’s Swan House among others.

The Medieval London Walking Tour

Also conducted by a London archaeologist, there is the medieval London Walking Tour. The Medieval Age was one of great significance in the history of London and had a profound impact on the culture and residents of the city. During the tour you will see medieval architectural achievements of that age, which includes The Famous Guildhall of the city besides numerous wonderful churches. The archaeologist will help you gain insight into the ruins of the period and update you about the life and times of that period.

The Anarchy Tour

Once you are done with the more prominent tours why not take a tour of the more unconventional side of the city? You could visit those spots where anarchists freely flocked to London for over a century. Here you will learn about prominent anarchists who earned a name for themselves in London like Michael Voynich, Lenin, Stalin and Peter Kropotkin among others. A rather unusual but nevertheless an interesting tour to undertake in the city!

Street Markets Tour

For those who love to shop then a walking tour of the city’s well known street markets would be just the thing. From Portobello to Columbia Road Market there are a lot of wonderful places to visit. One such popular destination lies at Notting Hill which is home to the famous Golborne Road Street Market. The best day to visit the place is Friday when you will find a host vendors and antique dealers plying their wares. Don’t miss the Portuguese and Moroccan food stalls that serve some terrific street food. Once you are done with street shopping and eating, you could head over to the more prominent retail outlets that are to be found here.

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