Is Paddington an award winning area of London

When many people think of London and think of areas best to stay many different factors contribute to the decision. How accessible is the area, what local attractions are there, what is the cost in comparison to other areas, what are the accommodations like, what restaurants and bars and located close by, is it a business district, is it in the heart of a party? Many questions help decipher where to stay in London, it all depends on what it is one is seeking out of their time in the capital city.

For business and corporate guests they have to decide do they go for an accommodation that offers the best facilities and is comfortable, or one that is located within the same area so commuting and travel is kept to a minimum. For people who are visiting for leisure but are unsure of what they want or expect from their time in the city Paddington is a perfect location.

With Paddington station being one of the biggest and with different lines and tubes going through, accessing any part of the city is easy, there are other tube stations such as Lancaster Gate, Queens Way, Bays Water. The Lancaster Gate and Queens Way line both run on the Central Line, Bays Water runs on the Circle and District Line.

Paddington gives direct access to Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, it is close enough to Portabello Road and Notting Hill Arts Club, taking a walk through the parks will give access to the natural history museum, the science museum, Victoria and Albert museum as well as Harrods and Oxford Street. Many people will argue at this point that Paddington is an award winning area, or at least it should be officially. There are so many opportunities when it comes to this part of the capital city, it is not only a wonderful place for tourist and corporate users to stay, it is also a very desirable area for residents. There are many different choices of accommodation here, and all will offer at least a 4 star experience, they are within keeping of the area and respectful for the full time residents here.

There are so many more attractions throughout London for tourist and visitors, locals and travellers to enjoy and witness, however it is the attractions that are situated in and around Paddington and Kensington that welcome and attract many millions of people each year.

One of the finest choices of accommodations within this area is park grand paddington hotel, not only is this a 4+ rated hotel it is one of the best value hotels within the area. Guests are able to expect a comfortable stay, rooms that are spacious and relaxing, friendly staff, a delicious breakfast and a restaurant to dine in, there is also a gym located here exclusively for hotel guests and the staff here are also multi-lingual, communication barriers are kept to a minimum.

As the hotel in discussions is situated at the top of Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, it goes without saying that the location is perfect, not only is this an idea position for tourist to be able to access the many wonderful and top 10 attractions the capital has to offer, but it is also a perfect choice for business users, and with business facilities available this is an all round winning choice of accommodation.

If awards were given for the perfect accommodation in the perfect area then this hotel in Paddington would be a winner, the two combined is a perfect vacation spot for anyone, or a perfect choice for corporate users. As mentioned there are so many attractions within the area and there is so much for everyone to love and enjoy here, no matter what one is seeking from a London break this is the perfect location, with as much or as little to do as possible, people are able to have a leisure time, a hectic experience, a peaceful time, and believe it or not but even a relaxing time in one of the worlds busiest capital cities.

Paddington has so much to offer from beauty and peace to excitement and busy experiences, fun and relaxation, education and exploration, there are so many contrasts and this is one of the main attractions and wonderful things about the area. Paddington should be and according to most who stay here, is an award worthy winning area of the city.

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