Japanese cultural events in London a symbol of cultural diversity

With the authentic Japanese food, Anime film screenings, manga drawing workshops and fashion shows, the Hyper Japan London festival cannot be missed if you are a Japanese fan or enthusiast.

Japanese festival: The Hyper Japan London festival presents the most dynamic elements in a crunch sized morsels along with amazing services of the very popular Japanese culture. This festival takes over the Earls court for about three with the most colorful fun. From Japanese traditional kimono to dresses as well as live music, there is so much to explore in this creative event.


Eat Japan: Japanese cuisine is famous around the globe, and you cannot afford to miss the most authentic Japanese food during this feast. There are stalls of gyoza at the food court; handmade sushi, as well as dishes such as edamame, are among the most loved ones. Along with the food items that are freshly made, you can also stock up your kitchen with some authentic and traditional Japanese ingredients that will be of great help while preparing some traditional delicacies as well as sweets and green tea.


Cosplay: This particular subculture is featured during the Hyper Japan London festival, which adds some extra color and spark to the whole event. The word Cosplay comes from a play and costume that draws its inspiration from video game characters, manga and anime. You could also get dressed up with eyelash extensions that are glittering and are colorful to match the spectacle and marvel of this event. Cosplay parade is the major attraction of this festival.

Films and Fashion: Among the other cultural highlights during this event includes anime screenings, manga drawing seminar, as well as fashion shows and other cultural festivals. It also consists of a film festival that holds special screening of Japanese movies.

Cheshire East Show Garden and the Tatton Park: This particular cultural event is known to offer a piece of the Japanse garden calmness right in the center of Manchester. This garden is specifically made in association with the Japanese Garden Society. This makes a crucial part of a very creative and authentic Dig in the City Festival, which is primarily a gardening festival that goes on for about nine days. This garden is simply a celebration and appreciation of the Eastern techniques or meditation and horticulture.


People from many different societies and nationalities visit London during this time to become a part of these cross-cultural festival. Hence, because of so many people visiting these events, the hotels in Londons get overbooked.

London hotels:

London can be visited not just during these events but at any time of the year, and the same amount of energy can be experienced. There are many beautiful places in this city that makes it worth exploring. The two of its most famous gardens that is the Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park should be on your must visit list when in London.  These are known to be the two most royal gardens that are situated in proximity to each other. You would not even realize as to when you might end up crossing the fence and reaching the other garden. There are many other places and attractions that are worth a visit and along with doing so, choosing a great hotel to stay that suits your accommodation needs should not be missed.

The London Premier Kensington Hotels are among the best in the industry and very strategically located when it comes it its closeness with the tourist places. Because of the famous gardens around them along with nightclubs, pubs and restaurants, these hotels have gained immense popularity. Even though Hyde Park is not in central London and yet for the majority of the people and tourist this is the heart of London. While staying in one of the premier hotels in Kensington, you can very conveniently access places such as West End Theaters, Science Museum, Natural History Museum and Piccadilly Circus. It is close to the shopping districts as well wherein you can shop till you drop, literally.

The premier hotels in London are trusted name in the industry and are known for the great facilities they provide. You can avail great offers and deals that are provided by some of the major hotels in this group such as the Shaftesbury London Premier hotel, London Premier Kensington hotel, and London Premier Notting Hill. Notting hill is among the places that offer the best discount packages and deals whereas Kensington accommodations are famous for their tactical locations. Hotels in Paddington provide you with value for money offers, and it is among the handful hotels in this city wherein you will pay a reasonable price for enjoying the luxury.

All of these hotels provide you with a wide assortment of options when it comes to accommodation. They offer you from room options such as the luxury suites that can conveniently accommodate about six people in a single room. On the other hand, they also avail you with single rooms that are a great option for solo travelers. You can make online booking in one of these premier hotels London on their official web page and can get hold of some exclusive offers.

Travelling in London is not the cheapest or ideal affair, and hence staying in a hotel that is close to all the tourist attractions make it easier to reach them on foot. In this way, you save a lot of money on commuting along with living in luxury. Another thing as to why you must choose one of these hotels is that they are easily affordable and are a great option for accommodation for people from all walks of life that will enhance your overall experience of London visit.

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