Kent – A wonderful place to visit when on holiday in the UK

London is a vast city with beautiful buildings, museums, palaces, art galleries and parks among plenty of other tourist attractions. This has made it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, with millions of visitors flocking to the city every year. One of the best locations to stay at within the centre of London is at a hotel near Hyde Park. It offers you easy access to all parts of the city and is one of the most picturesque parts too.

Another benefit of staying at a hotel near Hyde Park are the many tourist attractions that are located close by. Once you have explored most of the city you could travel a bit further to the outskirts of London to Kent, perhaps the most beautiful county of England.  Here you will find cathedrals, gardens, museums, castles and lots more. The best part of the year to visit the place is at spring time, during which you could visit some of its many attractions such as:

Historical Sites

Dover Castle: One of the most prominent attractions is the famed Dover Castle, known as the Key to England by invaders, which offers a panoramic view of the English Channel. As recently as World War Two it was used for top secret meetings that were held under the castle’s tunnels. It is the perfect place to begin your tour of historical sites in the area.

Chartwell House: For those who are keen followers of World War Two history, a visit to Chartwell Estate the country estate of Winston Churchill is highly recommended. You will still find the historically significant site well maintained, as it was during the times when Winston Churchill was around.

Canterbury Cathedral: It is out of the oldest and most famous Christian buildings in the country. Its origin stretches back to 597 AD and was founded by St. Augustine who also was the founder of the Abbey of St. Peter and Paul, which later was re-christened St. Augustine’s Abbey in his honour. Canterbury Cathedral is one of the few UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Great Britain and is home to the Archbishop of Canterbury. It has borne witness to great social and cultural upheavals since its creation and was also the venue for the murder of the Archbishop Tomas Becket in 1170. The cathedral is home to the Archbishop of Canterbury the spiritual leader of the Church of England.

Lullingstone Castle & World Garden:  Another historic building it served as home for the Hart Dyke family members for over 600 years and had some very prominent visitors during that period. Two of the most important historical figures to have visited the site were Queen Anne and Henry VIII. It is a lavish mansion that is built on a sprawling area spread over 140 acres and also is renowned to be home to the first World Garden for plants.

Rochester Cathedral: The Rochester Cathedral ranks as the second oldest among all cathedrals in England. Its foundations were laid in AD604 and the structure that we now see was built in 1080 under the guidance of Bishop Gundulf, who also was the first Norman bishop of the place. With its beautiful wall paintings and architecture which is a combination of is Norman and Gothic styles it certainly is a great place to visit.

Downderry Nursery: For those who love nature especially flowers, Downderry is the perfect place to visit being home to the National Plant Collection. The plants found mainly here are rosemary and lavender with the sheer fragrance and beauty of the plants mesmerising visitors to the place.

Squerryes Court: It was constructed in 1681 and since 1731 served as home to generations of the Warde family. It offers visitors a glimpse of an outstanding collection of furniture, porcelain and art work and is also renowned for its beautiful tea-room and enchanting garden.

Willesborough Windmill: For those who love old aspects of English country life the Willesborough windmill is a great place to visit. It was constructed in 1869 and nowadays serves as a working but not- in-use attraction for visitors.  There is an industrial heritage museum as well as that is popular with visitors to the place.

Deal Castle: A perfect example of a Tudor artillery castle and one of the best in the whole country, it is   known for its subterranean passages and other interesting features that make it popular with visitors to the place.

Scotney Castle: It is a beautiful place to visit, although its 14th century Victorian structure is fairly damaged. With a moat that surrounds the structure it houses a lush green wooded estate and lovely gardens. A popular site with visitors all year round it offers a perfect place to stroll through its parkland.

Attractions for Kids

The county of Kent offers some terrific animal parks which are great to take the kids to.  To see English wildlife there are tours conducted at Herne Bay in Wild wood of a forest sanctuary. To see a safari of more exotic animals from distant corners of the globe like zebras, rhinos, elephants etc. you can visit the    Port Lympne Wild Animal Park. Then there is Farming World renowned for its Highland cows and giant Shire horses among other wildlife.  For a bit of adventure you could take the kids on a exploratory tour of the maze at found in Leeds Castle or let them view a fascinating re-enactment of medieval battles at Deal Castle. For admirers of Charles Dickens there is Dickens World, which has a wide variety of activities for kids including games and rides.

Treat the kids to the London Wetland Centre

Shopping for the kids in London


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