King cross area, live like a king there

London is a wonderful place and there are many good areas where you can enjoy your time. King cross is an area that is flooded with art and culture. You can also have some good food here.

London is full of many good areas and king cross is one of them. Here we have mentioned a few things that can be done in this area. You can go through the same and then plan your tour accordingly.

Travel through Platform 9 3/4!
King cross station is where harry potter would come to the platform number 9 ¾ to leave the world behind. You can come to this platform to take a photo chance that is recently started in the king cross station. With a trolley of your luggage and sign of ‘muggle world’ you can try to enter the world of wizardry that was made famous by J.K Rowling. If you are a muggie then do not run at the wall and if you do so you will have a headache for sure. In the station there is a Harry Potter Store that sells much official merchandise.

 Satisfy your inner Book Worm…
If you are a book lover then you can go to the British library or also go to the reading rooms in the British Museum. This is one of ornate libraries that will all time have single book in UK. It deals in a great variety of books on different topics. You can have a look at the available books and buy one for you.

See the great collection
If you have some time in hand and want to spend an afternoon then you can go to see the Wellcome Collection displays some of the great collections of items that Sir Henry Wellcome accumulated. Here you will find everything from Napoleon’s Toothbrush to some art items.

Enjoy afternoon Tea
Afternoon Tea is a speciality of London and there are many good places where you can enjoy the most authentic afternoon tea. There are many good hotels like Shaftesbury Hyde Park International Hotel where you can see the great variety of afternoon teas. For a change you can also visit the Fortnum & Mason Tea Salon in Kings Cross. Here you can enjoy best afternoon tea with some snacks too! Though the prices here are on a higher side, it is a great place to enjoy the afternoon tea.

Learn Dance composition with 1,000 Fountains!
Here you can get a chance to learn the choreography. If you are dreaming of a cosy afternoon in the sun then Granary Square is the great place. Suspended on the side of Regent’s Canal I it has more than 1,000 coloured and choreographed fountains those are amazing in the real sense.

Squish Around In a Pond
There is a new art creation that is currently started in king cross and the name of which is “Of Soil and Water. It has room for more than 40 bathers at a time and this pond is totally chemical free pond which is first pond in UK. This place is very much crowded and you need to be ready for waiting. There will be a wait time especially in hot weather and on weekends too. The spaces are restricted and when the costs are low, the place is very crowded.

Eating at the green store
Do not be carried away with the name grain store, the do not serve only the grain but even deliciously made meals. The expert and skilled chef Bruno Loubet, and the drinks pioneer Tony Conigliaro have together made a really beautiful environment and you will really love to eat and drink in such a healthy atmosphere. Loubet really was willing to outline the social feature of eating so the thought that the grain store can be merged with the kitchen and the open space where people can sit for hours and eat. The main advantage of this place is that you can see your own food being cooked. This can truly be a different experience. It can be a great feeling to see your own food cooked and everyone will stare at you when the hot smoking sizzlers arrive at your table. There are many delicacies that you can order at this place and you can really try vegetable chorizo ‘scotch egg’.

Just peep into the hidden place that is The Magic Circle
London has many secret places and magic circle is one of them. This is one of the most popular societies in London and this is the place where all magic secrets are kept literally in the lock and key. There are more than 1500 widespread magician members and the magic circle gives the visitors a rare gaze into the inside workings of such secret place. You can also go to see the Museum and memorabilia hall to learn some really magical history and also see more eye catching magic on your own. If you want to spend more time at this magical place then you can find out for you a good central London hotel accommodation. If you get a good accommodation then your tour will be very much enjoyable.
See the Gagosian Gallery
London has many galleries those are free to enter. If you want to spend your afternoon with art and culture then you must visit the Gagosian Gallery in Kings Cross.  It has many exhibition spaces and there are also many exhibitions held at this place. This is a best place to spend a full day. This is the best place for the history lovers and those who are interested in research.

So if you want to live life king size then you can just come to the king cross area and enjoy the best time of our life. The area is wide spared and it has everything from foo to the culture. Just get for yourselves good accommodation and enjoy your time. Come here for the best experience.

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