Know More About The Palaces And Parks In London

London is the world famous tourist destination and probably the last place on earth to have some living legends under the façade of royalty. London is the birthplace of royalty that ruled the world for many centuries creating history and leaving marks beyond mere geographical boundaries. Though all those are now past and is a part of history and you read in your books, but, for London and the British kingdom, it is the reality. So, next time when you are visiting the capital city of London, visit the places which helped the country to create this remarkable history and be a part of the history which is in the making.

The beautiful palaces and its gardens along with the royal parks are the standing testimony to its past, the most important part of its origin. You will certainly lose count of the royal palaces and parks this city has, however, you need to know about the important ones to make sure you have the information about the place and how it came to being.

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The Palace Of Westminster

When you are keen on understanding about the history of this 2000 years old city, why not start with the oldest palace ever to be built and still standing erect on the ground. It is none other than the Palace of Westminster which goes by the name Houses of Parliament today. Not only it is the oldest royal palace but, also a world heritage site owing it the name of being one of the most recognized buildings in the world.

Since its establishment on the first half of the 11th century, where this palace was built on the site of a medieval palace and also a Roman Temple dedicated to Apollo, it is in continuous use. Today the oldest part of the Palace which you will get to visit is the Westminster Hall that was built during the reign of King William II back in the year 1097. It is also the oldest ceremonial hall in Britain.

It has got its name as the Houses of Parliament from the functions it plays as for it is the host or more as a meeting place for the two houses like House of Lords and the House of Commons. If the visitors are willing to witness the Parliament in one of their sessions then, it is not possible as it is only open to the residents of UK as they can book a tour with their local Member of Parliament.

However, it is now open for visitors when the Parliament is not going to any sessions. You can book an audio tour where it will first start from cavernous Westminster Hall and then, take you to a series of rooms with names as grand as the building like Queen’s Robing Room, Royal Gallery, and others. Nonetheless, the main highlight is still the House of Lords and the House of Commons. You will find the House of Lords more opulent in reality that it is ever shown on the television. In compared to that, House of Commons are a bit subdued with dark green tones rather than deep reds and details of gold.

By the end of the tour, you will have enough information and need some time to get it in your systems before heading to Westminster Abbey another building bearing testimony to the history of Britain.

Royal Park Of London

Let’s start by taking the most popular Royal Park of the city into account. It is none another than the Hyde Park. After you are over with the Tour in City of Westminster, bore a Tube and come to Hyde Park. It is home to another series of wonders and not to forget the mesmerizing Kensington Palace, Serpentine Lake and other attractions for the children as well.

Hyde Park is home to limitless greeneries, gardens lakes and much more. It is the perfect place to wind up the day after tiring endeavor in the City of Westminster. You must not miss out the Kensington Palace, one of the biggest wonders of Hyde Park It was the home of Diana, Princess of Wales, where she used to live until her death with her two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry.

The place has not forgotten its Princess and has memorialized her by a fountain, Diana Memorial Fountain, named after her. The Palace is now home to Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and his family. Take a tour of the Palace and its gardens. You also have the chance to enjoy the wonderful afternoon tea tradition of Britain in their Orangery. However, you can also choose a less fancy option in one of the tea and cake shop overlooking the Serpentine.

In summer, Serpentine opens up to a lot of water sports and activities like boating and swimming. There are also separate tracks made out for cycling. Serpentine lake covers around 40 acres of Hyde Park cutting it into half across the center. Even if you are not willing to explore the city for a day then, head to Hyde Park with picnic lunch pack and enjoy a great time with your friends or family.

These are some of the wonderful facts about the city London and tow of its most interesting gems. You can pay a visit to these two places anytime, though; summer months are the still better option to enjoy the surroundings and the glory to the fullest.

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