Know which one is the best area of London

If you are on your London tour then you need to first see which area is the best one for you to stay.  From the most visited west end to the most sophisticated Notting hill or the king cross, each area has its own features. London is cultural and beautiful city and each and every corner is just awesome here. Each area has its own properties. We have here outlined the best five regions for you to refer. You can go through the information and then see which region can prove to be the best for you. You should first decide what you would like to do on your tour and then choose the area accordingly.

Notting hill is best known for the fashion and the carnivals that take place here. If you are not able to attend the carnival then you must at least go to see the Portobello Road Market which has ranked itself as one of the best markets in the world. You can have a great shopping experience there. The area has the real artistic touch and those who love art and culture can stay in this area. It has a great history and a wonderful architecture. It has a great atmosphere too and you can get the real peace of mind at this place. If you want to stay here then you can get the best accommodation options here. There are many good hotels in this area like the Shaftesbury Hyde Park International Hotel London where you can have a great stay. The hotel is one of the best hotels in the area and as the hotel is placed in the very heart of the city, going for sightseeing can be very easy indeed. The hotel has a very classy atmosphere and you can have some chilling time there. The rooms of the hotel are decorated in such a way that one can have the great comfort there. The hotel takes care of all guests that become a part of this hotel. You can book your hotel room online.

South Kensington is one of the most high-class districts and it is specifically well-known because of its nearness to some of well-known museums of the city. The history lovers can have a great time here. British Museum is in this area and you can even spend one whole day here. London Science Museum is a great place that can be visited with your kids. There are also some other historical sites in this area that you can visit along with your kids. Though the area is one of the costly areas in the city, you can have a good time here. Though the prices are high here, they are worth paying indeed. The area also has many good accommodation options. This area is not really good for those who are here on a budget tour. There are many good hotels in the area and London Shaftesbury hotels are best to stay. The hotel is one of the best hotels in the city where you can have a great time. The hotel is very beautiful and you can really have a royal feeling while you are staying here. The hotel is a place where you can get the best services and the best amenities as well. The hotel is located in such a place from where you can reach to the important sites and airport in no time really.

West end is one of the most visited areas of the city. This area is best known for the theatre art and the art lovers feel like spending at least one day in this area. If you stay in this area then you can save your money for going to the theatres or many other important parts of importance. You save your time too. There are any good hotels located very close to the theatres as well as many other spots and hence you can have a great time there. There are many good departmental stores and some shopping streets where you can have the great shopping experience. The area is a busy area but still you can have the best peace of mind here.

Kings Cross is another great area where you can have a great time.  This is a great area where you can make your tour a budget tour. King cross is such an area where you can get everything in your budget shopping, eating, accommodation and many other things.  This area is best for those who are looking forward to make their tour a budget tour.  There are many good budget hotels in this area where one can have a budget stay. The area is also linked directly to all other major parts of the city, airport and the major metro stations as well. There are many good attractions in this area and hence you can have a great sightseeing experience.

Victoria is one most interesting area to stay in London and the area is linked with all important locations of the city. The area also has many good eating and accommodation options as well as some better shopping options.  The area also has many good parks where you can have some good time. If you are here then you can see some important well known sites like the Houses of Parliament or Westminster Abbey. The victoria is also very well linked with other transport lines. If you are a real history lover then this area is really worth a visit for you.

So if you are planning a tour to London, just see which area you would like to stay at and what would you like to do there. Just select the best area and make your tour a great one. This can be the great beginning of your great tour.

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