Knowing All About 9 Terrific Things That Every American Would Love To Do In London

Are you all ready with the bags packed, tickets booked, and mind happy and free to visit the amazing city of London? You must have got an idea by now that there are loads of things to discover in London, lots of things to see, many activities to indulge in and many of your passions to pursue. It all depends on how long a tour you are planning. If it is a short trip, then you need to plan your itinerary well, so that most of the popular destinations are covered and none is left out.

Whatever you want to do in your holiday trip, whatever type of adventure you want to indulge in, London has something in store for you for sure. So, just delve in, and pamper yourself with the best food and sight-seeing experiences.

Here is a list of 9 exotic things that you can do in London. This is apart from visiting the usual famous places that you need to plan according to your available time. But you must keep at least a day’s time aside for the attractions that are sure to give you an experience of a lifetime. Any American would be awe – struck at the degree of American history and culture that they will find mingled in every speck of dust in the city of London. You may put up in one of the boutique hotels like Park Grand London Lancaster Gate Hotel and plan your sight-seeing easily.

Visit the Whitechapel Bell Foundry and Check Out the Spot Where History Was Created
You must check out the place where your famous Liberty Bell was built. Liberty Bell is synonymous with the spirit of American independence. It was built by the Whitechapel Bell Foundry, the largest and the most famous bell foundry in the world. It is under the ownership of the same family that used to own it about 5 centuries ago. It has been commissioned to build some of the most amazing bells in the world, including the Big Ben.

Whitechapel Bell Foundry is located at 32 – 34, Whitechapel Road, Whitechapel, London E1 1DY.

Feel Great By Standing in Front of Abraham Lincoln
You will feel proud and honoured to see the statue of Abraham Lincoln put up along with other highly respected personalities from all over the world in the Parliament Square, just beside the Houses of Parliament. The greenery of the open space of Parliament Square will make you feel one with nature and bring you peace and serenity. It is also adjacent to the Palace of Westminster. There are 11 statues in all of the greatest statesmen in the world. Surrounding the place are some of the most notable buildings like the Whitehall, the Supreme Court and the Westminster Abbey.

Take a Tour in the House of Benjamin Franklin
The only remaining house of Benjamin Franklin in the world is located in London. It was way back in the 18th century when it was noted that Benjamin Franklin stayed at his London residence of 36 Craven Street. These days, the home of the founding father is open to all visitors and is an absolute delight to visit; family – friendly and interesting.

Indulge Yourself in n American – Style Movie at Alexandra Place
While it isn’t the most obvious choice for movie – goers, but of course, the charm of the old school drive-in cinema is something that you can experience only here. It is magnificent and will give you the old touch of nostalgia. Also note, on some days of the year, Alexandra Palace even conjures up drive in cinema clubs for everyone to enjoy a bit of sweet and nostalgic throwback to American cinema to your heart’s content. Usually going in full force in the summer months, be sure to stock up on popcorn to treat yourself and your friends and family for a lovely evening of cinema.

Check out Roosevelt and Churchill
Just between the two streets of Old Bond Street and New Bond Street; where Old Bond Street ends and New Bond Street begins, you will find one of the most interesting statues you will ever come across, in London and elsewhere. In a bench right on the street, sit together Roosevelt and Churchill. Not only is it the bond of union of two nations in one statue, as they were the leaders of the two respective nations at that point of time, it is also a beautiful statue which you and just play around or casually visit while you are shopping or maybe sightseeing and discovering more of the west end of the beautiful city of London.

Check out the Home of the First female member of the Parliament
Nancy Astor was the first woman to become a member of the Parliament. Incidentally, she was an America lady. Located at 4 St James’ Square, you can also look for other such magnificent historical buildings or buildings of heritage; there’s one to find along every corner of London.

You can also take some time to visit the numerous pubs and other bars where you can enjoy a fine bit of British heritage and history. Even American drinks are found so that you can get the homely feeling.

Find the best possible accommodation
The west side of the beautiful city of London is filled with affordable accommodation that offers the best possible services and facilities. The Park Grand London Lancaster Gate Hotel is one such home away from home. There are plush, comfortable and modern beautiful rooms set in a lovely Victorian – era building that will transport you right back to olden times. Free broadband connections as well as a horde of other facilities are offered to the guests. The staff is friendly, polite, helpful and willing to cater to your every need in order to make your stay as delightful, relaxing and lovely as possible

Located at 14-16 Craven Hill, the Lancaster Gate Hotel London is truly a home away from home, where your stay in Britain is ensured to be something you will cherish for the rest of your life.

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