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It is interesting to learn about how the city of London lives and to explore the houses in the city.

Who does not like to live in a beautiful home filled with the best kinds of living? London is one such city with the best kind of homes and the ideal kinds of living. Come here and have a look at how people live and what they use at home, the beauty of the crockery and the comfort of their settees. Enjoy the beds they use and also experience the pleasures of the ballrooms where they dance. All this takes you to a different land and also make things easier and better for all. The battlefields and the walls, the monuments and the beautiful plains all make way for the best for those very fallen heroes of a time that only cities like London experience. Houses in London are the mirrors of the people living there. For example if one is a big city, then visiting homes is the best way to enjoy the pleasures of a city tour. The Musee Jacquemart Andre in Paris, the Rockfeller Estate on the River Hudson are all wonderful museums to explore and enjoy the tours here.

The London neighbourhoods

The neighbourhoods in London are filled with a visual delight that is unbeatable. For example the Dennis Severs’ House in the neighborhood of Spitalfields is indeed a curious thing. Home to the Jervis family, the silk weavers here lived many hundred years ago. It is filled with the best kinds of elaborate decorations and details down to the time when they used to have their own grocery lists along with toast caddies and letters to friends and used quills to write on. The entire thing is actually a lengthy work of fiction that has been created between the years 1979 to 1999 by the artist Dennis Severs who was born in America. He bought the Georgian house with ten rooms during at a time when Spitalfields was a less crowded place. The entire place was converted into a time capsule and there was lot of pain taken to convert the entire place into a fairy tale kind of thing and the family was invented along with the story. One lives through the socio economic phases in the entire history of the family from the years 1724 to the earlier half of 20th century. Whether it the great wealth that is there in the parlor or the beauty of the drawing room, or the attic, one is just left to imagining the possible theories. One can decide whether it is an economic depression or a political turmoil or just one of those scandalous affairs.

The Severs House

This is again a lot of fun and excitement. The experience here is that of a living museum and it is almost like a game. The house with its innumerable activities along with the rooms are all in a state of activity. It looks as if the entire family was just here before one visited the spot. With rumpled sheets and remains of half cooked food in the kitchen, the entire place is so real. The smell of delicious bread, the cracked walnuts on the fireplace and the feeling that the boys here have had a night out all make the entire experience memorable. Visitors here are encouraged to enjoy the silence of the house and one walks through the house with a great feeling of having a beautiful fireplace along with candles. The experience is very similar to being in a place filled with mystery, drama and intrigue and gives one the feeling of being a part of a painting. One cannot possibly have the time to experience everything here so the motto for the house that “Either you see or you don’t” seems to be so true in such cases.

The Central Plot

The idea here is to get maximum experience and this could be one of the sings why photography is not allowed. However it is allowed for those occasional popular magazine requirements. The visuals here are memorable and the one is really not allowed to fiddle with anything here. There is a certain magical charm about this place that gives one every reason to be happy about.

Pleasures of Eastern London

East London is a perfectly curated place and is a little new to some and a little stylish to others. There is a vintage factor here which is special and one finds it hard to describe anything as the feeling of being on the streets is exciting as well as interesting. Eastern London in fact reminds one of New York when the Soho had just started evolving. There is a charm and magic about the place and everyone would surely love to be part of a post warehouse and pre mall feeling while here. One can find out about Spital fields market and enjoy the delights here.

The Delights in East London

While in London people like the delights in hotels like London City Suites by Montcalm Chiswell Street, and one can enjoy the pleasures of being in a movie. If does not have a Dom then one can stay in one of those hotels available here. The rooms here are done up well and provide value to the customer. The art collection and the pool pleasures are unforgettable and the fancy restaurant here is another interesting addition in the list of things to enjoy.

Shopping Delights

If tourists have a day then it is best to go to Broadway Market on a Saturday for shopping. Filled with crafts and food delights, one has a lot of adventure here. is a selection of photography here along with art books and one can only be enlightened further by the bookstores of art here. There is a lot of vintage treat for the visitor and one just enjoys being a part of a wonderful combination of tour delights and travel pleasures.


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