List Of Best Five East London Markets

Everything about London is happening and popular, and that even includes its market. And some of the London’s most thriving and best market culture is concentrated in East London. As there are so many markets out there in that part of the city, it sometimes becomes overwhelming to decide which ones to visit and which ones to ditch. All you need to do is go through this list and find out some of the most attractive markets of the city that has everything to offer to you starting from fresh flowers to farm fresh foods and also stunning home ware to vintage clothing as well.

The favorites are just there waiting for you, and all you need to do is visit the place and indulge in retail therapy with a twist.

The Wick
To start with, if you are always looking for something exciting with a different vibe, head to The Wick, which is hosted at Hackney Wick’s Old Baths. It is an ever buzzing and popular place for locals to gather around on Sunday Afternoon and if the Sun is shining too brightly, then the chances are high that crowd will be denser. Make way into the markets and music and find yourself amidst various handcrafted goods of vintage origin. This is not all, as upcoming artists and designers also have their stalls for you to pick the ones which are best.

It will not take you much time to understand, that, at London, even markets come to life and offers some of its best productions that are hard to find anywhere else in the world.  Once you are done with shopping, it is time to move towards your next destination, food. Several food stalls await your visit with lots of activities to cherish and enjoy and make a moment out of everything.

Brick Lane Market
If you are staying at M hotel by Montcalm in Shoreditch London Tech City or Hotels near Shoreditch London, then, this place is probably closest to you. If you just wander through the Shoreditch Street on a Sunday afternoon and notice a place unusually crowded, you will know it is Brick Lane Market. With stalls lined up everywhere, this space is the hub of everything vintage with ornate treasures and street eats as well.

The place was originally a humble grocery market, revolutionized to attract a vibrant crowd from all over the city. The prices of these items are also affordable and perfect for artsy buy. You also do not want to miss out on food shops just behind the stalls. Grab a bowl of award-winning curry or a salt beef bagel in-between shopping to make the experience even richer. This is the best way to make your Sunday a real special one and grab vintage items at really pocket-friendly prices.

Spitalfields Saturday Style Market
If you think that Brick Lane market is the end of the London street market series then, you would like to think twice as within a stone throw away is, Spitalfield market with day specific stalls. Visit this place on Saturdays and find out the latest about fashion and style here. You will find a steal on fashion, accessories, and few homeware items from an array of traders. For anyone, looking to shop for clothes, choose amongst 88 designers advertising their items in pitching voice just to attract your attention. The clothes haul here are just great, and it is quite sure that you might get lost in the clothing and accessories segment for hours just looking for the best haul as everything here is so fresh and up to the trend. And not worry, as if all the shopping from stall to stall has made you thirsty or hungry, just indulge in the food from eateries surrounding the place.

Broadway Market
Markets do not only mean that you will have to buy home accessories and fashion clothing from there, but it can also be a market for food and other delicacies. Thus, if you are a food lover and want to taste an array of dishes at one place, Broadway Market is the one for you. For every style of food lover, there are stalls serving organic options, while other are deli-style and fresh. There are varieties of savory and sweet goods from local artisan traders; it is heaven for food lovers to indulge without any limit.

You can always grab a cup of coffee and eat your burger while deciding what to take home as there are a large array of fresh baked bread and minced meat. Taking a moment away from the great smelling food, there are also stalls given by fashion boutique traders. It is definite that you are not going to regret paying a visit to this market and eat your heart out.

Columbia Road Flower Market
If you are at a fix, flower wise, then visiting Columbia Market of everything flowers can be a solution to your problem. It is the oasis of plants, flowers, and foliage which you might ever need. Just drop in at any time on Sunday between 8 in the morning till 3 in afternoon and your every horticulture needs to be answered. This market also has an international reputation and is quite popular amongst flower fanatics for few decades.

It is a traditional flower market as well, and some stalls are so old that some traders have been setting up their stalls here since, the 1970s and are continuing to cater to needs of customers with all their flower needs. The smell is simply beautiful with a delightful look and far better than those flowers which you get from supermarket. Keep the summer feeling, alive, in your home by picking up some of the impressive flowers.

Thus, following this list, you will be able to visit some of the most interesting markets in London selling everything that you are going to need for your everyday life and also extravagant life at pocket-friendly prices. From meat and fresh bakes to clothing and accessories, if you will never return home disappointed and empty handed from these markets.

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