List Of Famous Places To Visit In London

London is fun, and you will get testimony about it from the people visited the capital and of course from the people that are staying there. London is a beautiful city, and if you want to experience that bit, you go to check out its streets as many of them are quite popular. If you have not yet arrived in the city and want to do some research then, these famous streets are a must visit if you want to get in touch with the heart of the London.

It might also happen that you had already visited many of these streets before yet, was unknown to its historical value. But, here, you will get to know about them in details and next time can take a look knowing its history and lineage. London is truly so much more than what it meets the eye.

Shaftesbury Avenue

If you are looking for one street which is important for being the heart of the theater district in London then, it is undoubtedly Shaftesbury Avenue. It is one of those famous streets of London which is popular for providing the people with the hottest theaters of all time. Every time you visit the place, make sure you will catch up with something happening here. If you want to stay at this place and catch every exciting event and theaters happening here, then, shaftesbury hyde park international is the right accommodation for you. It is located in the heart of theater and ensures you are stone throw away from the golden screens. There are also other places available in equally bustling places of the city like hyde park accommodation.

Shaftesbury Avenue

Abbey Road

If you are a fan of Beatles, you can surely relate to Abbey Road. This place has a strong Beatles connection as the group took a picture of this road and used it as a cover of their album. Since, then, this road had gained fame and had turned out to be one of the busiest and popular roads in London. You will catch the sight of people stopping by in the middle of the road and taking pictures. In spite of traffic pressure on this road, people manage to spend a lot of time here.

Abbey Road

Oxford Street

Oxford Street is synonymous to the best and luxurious shopping streets of London. It is also said to be one of the busiest streets in not only London but in entire Europe. Once, you have started to walk down this street, it will seem like an endless journey to you and will find lots of different things to buy on the way. From flagship stores and high street fashion to boutique and vintage outlets, this city is wide arrayed beyond your imagination. It is the best place to buy luxurious product.

Oxford Street

Piccadilly Street

Piccadilly is that street in the capital where something is happening all the time. Visit the street any time of the day, and you will find something happening around here like street theater exhibitions and different shows. As far as eating goes, this is also one of the best places to eat out in London.

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