List Of Things To Do In London On November 2016

As the winds turn chilled in London, the city prepares for the days ahead with lots of festivities occasions and events all waiting to explore each segment of the city and entertain visitors and Londoners like every year. The streets of London start to lit up from November onwards to mark the season of festivities and the traditional [pubs also joins on this occasion to offer cozy retreats with lots of scopes to unwind and look down on the year gone by and the year that is about to come.

It is not only the weather which turns cooler but the nights also gets longer in November and reminding the people of this city of winter which has started to set in. And if you are visiting the city this November then, pen down the list of activities, events, and festivities you will get to enjoy here from the list given below. Also, remember, most of the london 5 star hotels and Luxury Hotels for Families offer great discounts during the festive season so if you are staying at The Montcalm brewery hotel on chiswell street London, do not forget to look out for offers and other great discounts.

Christmas Festivities Starts Early
Why wait for December 25th to enjoy the festival when you can do it in November? Yes. You have heard it right; the city starts its preparation for Christmas early with many shows, plays and dance performances happening at important locations in the city. Enjoy the fairy tale classics like Sleeping Beauty and Snow White at places like Hackney Empire and Garrick Theater.

Along with that, there is the Christmas Festival at Royal Albert Hall. The classical concerts with carols lit up the winter evenings stretching for 11 days and bringing some of the best festive tunes to the town. The Royal Opera House also hosts the Royal Ballet of the Nutcracker. Enjoy fantastic ballet featuring the classic characters like Drosselmeyer, Sugar Plum Fairy and the Mouse King.

Keeping aside the shows and festivities, there is also one activity you can take part in, ice skating rinks exclusively during the winter months at the city. Choose from the modern surroundings to stunning historical locations to skate on ice. The open ice rinks are just the perfect way to welcome the winter and blend yourself with the festivities.

Getting Comfortable At The Cozy Pubs
As the weather is getting colder, you will get the perfect opportunity to head to a cozy pub near your place where you can enjoy a few drinks or maybe with a pint of beer. The comfortable seats and the crackling fireplaces are just the right combinations to induce you with the best kind of drowsiness. There are many all throughout the city, so, just grab a glass of drink, order the pie and settle in to have a perfect evening by the fireside.

Historic Night Of Gunpowder Plot
The annual event happening every year on November 5th, Bonfire Night fireworks is the way Londoners remember Guy Fawkes and his famous Gunpowder Plot of November 5th, 1605. The dark winter night pierces with beautiful bustling fireworks as the Londoners cheer for it at different locations in London. Not only the bonfires are lit, but the effigies called guys are burned and the sky is filled with colorful fireworks. This event is also accompanied by traditional Bonfire Night drinks and food with music and lots of fun activities for kids and the entire family.

Inauguration Shows On November
The highlighting events of the month also include an 800-year-old inauguration show known as The Lord Mayor’s Show. The show involves a ceremony with a huge procession of marching bands, acrobats and floats and lots of fireworks display. The show dates back to 1215. This show marks the granting of a charter by King John allowing the citizen of the city to elect their own mayor.

And this show has been happening since then. The procession travels all the way to Westminster from the city of London to pledge allegiance to the Crown. You can also join the fun and see the parade with around half a million of people lining up to witness the event.

Regent Street Motor Show
Both classic and futuristic, the Regent Street Motor Show is here for its annual show marking the largest free motor show in the UK hosting in London. Be there at Regent Street between 10.30 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon with hundreds of vehicles showcasing the 125 years of motor history. The display is also happening right at the famous shopping street of the city.

This show is the stunning exhibition of impressive cars, classic automobiles from 1905 to present day and even beyond that, and cool motorbikes. You will simply be wowed by the collection and how it’s elegantly showcased on the show.  The visitors will also be able to find more about the low emission technologies which are accompanied by dance performances exciting music.

London Jazz Festival
Get ready to enjoy the best of jazz in the dazzling extravagant lined up concerts, performances, and events on the EFG London Jazz Festival. It also hosts the stage for new talent alongside world-renowned figures from the world of music. The 10 days festival plays diverse performances from the electrifying genre of jazz across impressive venues all across the city like Kings Place, Royal Festival Hall, and Barbican Centre.

Armistice Day And Remembrance Sunday
The festive does not give up them who have lost their lives in the two world wars and also those who have died in combat since then, through the Remembrance Day. This day is observed on 11th November every year. This very day in 1918, the guns of Western Front fell silent after over four years of continued warfare during the World War I. Many people from all over the world observe minute of silence on the 11th hour of the day paying tribute to those how lost their lives in the wars and every conflict since then.

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