Little-Known Magical Retreats in London

London is a multi-splendored city with a rainbow of different types of offerings that attract people from all over the world. However, besides the obvious attractions, the city also has in its underbelly a bevy of magical spots that are not so well known but they present absolutely charming places that will simply overwhelm you. These bewitching places cover all aspects of the city whether parks and gardens; shopping, or food & drink.

Parks & Gardens

St James Park:

Located close to Buckingham Palace in the heart of central London, St James Park offers lush green meadows for people to relax. However, besides its other attributes, the park is home to a willow tree that has a hidden bench underneath it. Not many visitors are aware of this secret and tranquil spot where they can relax in solitude and perfect serenity right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of central London. The nearest station is St James Park and entry is free.

St James Park, London

Morden Hall Park:

This park has a lot to offer such as old buildings, beautiful views and fascinating exhibitions. It is also an ideal place for king charles spaniel puppies walking and indulging in family activities. However, it is also a haven for nature and wildlife although it was once a deer park. It presents an ideal retreat where you can breathe fresh air and get the feel that you are no longer in the congested environment of London but far away in a rural environment. The closest station is Morden and entry is free.

Chelsea Physic Garden:

This garden is dedicated entirely to plants as it demonstrates their medicinal, economic, cultural and environmental importance for our survival and well-being. It is situated beside the Thames and it celebrates the beauty and importance of plants with a unique collection of 5,000 different edible, medicinal, useful and historical plants. The unique feature of this place is that it is a peaceful green oasis where you can relax. You can find the largest outdoor fruiting olive tree of Britain as well as the world’s most northerly outdoor grapefruit tree in this garden. The nearest station is Sloane Square and entry is free.

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The Parkland Walk:

It runs from Finsbury Park, through Crouch End and up to Highgate. It was once a railway line that has now become a forest. Of special interest is the adult sized playground apparatus. The closest station is Finsbury Park and entry is free.

The Horniman Museum and Gardens, Forest Hill:

Located close to Forest Hill station, this garden offers splendid views of London’s skyline, rivalling the ones that are available from Greenwich Park. It has an impressive, internationally important collection of anthropology and musical instruments,  as well as an acclaimed aquarium and natural history collection.

Nunhead Cemetery:

This cemetery near Nunhead station offers an absolutely stunning church right in its centre which is worth visiting. You must also see the spectacular views of London from the top of the reservoir. Entry is free.

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St Ethelburga’s Peace Garden:

The tranquil secret garden of St Ethelburga’s is worth visiting as it provides a welcome break from the hectic urban life. It offers gorgeous flowers and an absolutely serene environment that is so essential for a well-deserved escape from the stresses of life. The closest station is Bank and entry is free.

Angel Canal:

If you wish to escape the congested and hectic environment created by the shops and bars especially if you are in the Islington area, you can take a stroll along the peaceful Angel Canal that will provide the right escape. It will also give you an opportunity to take in some of the spectacular views of London as well as to visit a lively annual festival. The nearest station is Angel Canal and entry is free.

If you wish to visit Brick Lane for seeing lovely street art or for some delicious food, you should go to Aldgate station which is Brick Lane Nearest Tube.

Richmond Park:

You can find plenty of wildlife, peace and solitude at a little corner of this park which is London’s largest Royal Park. The nearest station is Richmond and entry is free.

Richmond Park, London


Daunt Books:

If you are a book-worm and enjoy reading a good book you should go to this Edwardian bookshop on Marylebone Road that offers a tranquil retreat from the congested environment of central London. The nearest station is Regent’s Park and entry is free.

St Christopher’s Place:

Hidden away in a tiny alley behind Oxford Street. St Christopher’s Place offers some great restaurants and art shops. The nearest station is Bond Street and entry is free.

Shopping in london

Food & Drinks


A unique place under the juice bar in Covent Garden, it offers you fancy cocktails made from the liquor that you bring. The nearest station is Covent Garden.

Flat Iron Steakhouse:

You can get a bottle of wine and enjoy fresh stuffed donut and delicious steak. The nearest station is Piccadilly Circus.

Opium Parlour is famous for cocktails and dimsum. The nearest station is Leicester Square.

The Cocktail Trading Company offers a private, jazzy atmosphere and original drinks. The nearest station is Oxford Circus.

Mr Fogg’s is a quirky Victorian-themed cocktail bar that offers “Tipsy Tea” every Friday. The nearest station is Green Park.

Espresso Bar Balcony, Tate Modern is a bar on the balcony of Tate Modern, overlooking the Thames and St Paul’s Cathedral. The nearest station is Southwark.

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