Little-Known Secret Attractions of London

London is not only about its famous attractions such as Buckingham Palace, London Eye, St Paul’s Cathedral or Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, but there are many other secret attractions that most visitors do not know about.

The Rolling Bridge, Paddington Basin: This is a regular bridge during the day but at 12 noon each Friday, it rolls up forming an octagonal shape so that ships can pass under the bridge.

The Look-Alike 10 Downing Street: No 10 Downing Street has a competitor in No 10 Adam Street, The Strand that looks exactly like the Prime Minister’s residence making it the ideal place for taking photos.

Wilton’s Music Hall: Established in 1743 as an ale house for sea captains, this music hall is said to be the oldest in the world as it became a music hall in the 1800s. At present, it is a beautiful grade 2 listed building, concert hall and events hub.

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The Seven Noses of Soho: Created by artist Rick Buckley in 1997, these noses have been stuck on walls in places like St Pancras. Many myths abound regarding these noses such as the one inside the Admiralty Arch having been put up to mock Napoleon. Many believe that if you can find all the seven, you will become wealthy forever.

Hidden Ears of Covent Garden: Hidden ears were installed by the artist Tim Fishlock at Covent Garden with two on Floral Street and several more at other places around the city.

The Whitechapel Bell Foundry, Aldgate East: This foundry is located opposite Aldgate East and Whitechapel Gallery and is the place where Big Ben and the Liberty Bell were forged. The foundry still exists.

The Victorian Pet Cemetery in Hyde Park, Westminster: It is located in the north-west corner of Hyde Park by Victoria Gate Lodge. It is closed to the public but you can peep in through the bars to read some really amazing, heart-rending sweet inscriptions.

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Britain’s Smallest Police Station, Trafalgar Square: Located in the east side of Trafalgar Square, this tiny police station was built in the 1800s and was used by the police to stand inside and keep an eye on protests and marches. Currently, it is used for storage by the council.

Samuel Johnson’s Cat, Farringdon: A statue on Gough Square depicts Dr Samuel Johnson’s favourite pet, a cat named Hodge. The statue was built in 1997 and behind it is the house of Dr Johnson, which is a 300-year old townhouse.

The Naked Ladies of York House, Twickenham: There are eight Naked Ladies that are probably Oceanids from Greek mythology, carved from white Carrara marble and perhaps brought from Italy in the late nineteenth century.

There are many other such unique attractions in London.

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