Little Venice Guide : Canals, Boat Trips, Restaurants and More

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A Little Trip To Venice

Undoubtedly Venice is one of the most beautiful places in the world. An inspiration for many poems, beautiful paintings, and amazing architecture, everyone would love to visit the place that is named Venice. But how would it be if you were to scale that beautiful place a notch down and maybe change the destination to London? Sound good, right? Well, you can have your own adventure to Venice if you are in the city of London anytime. How? Well, London City has got its own Little Venice for you people.

A Sneak Peek Into Little Venice

Little Venice is one of the most beautiful villages situated near the borough of the Westminster in London City. Located in the meeting point of the Grand Canal and the Regent’s Canal, this beautiful place is no less than a heaven for the tourists. Lined up with Victorian and Georgian houses, canal waterways, and willow trees, this place boasts of the best design and architecture as well. The village certainly doesn’t float like the actual city but then you will be able to enjoy the little canal boat adventures in here as well. There is a certain charm and beauty about the place which makes people mesmerized.

There are trendy restaurants to satisfy your hunger for delicious food, views of canal boats that would take your breath away and the architecture is just marvelous.

The Charm of London City: Little Venice

When it comes to charming locations, London City has got numerous examples and Little Venice is one of them, especially in the summertime where you can enjoy your afternoons with amazing breakfast clubs. Can anything get better than that?

Imagine how it would feel like if you could just enjoy your Sunday watching amazing locations, eating at beautiful cafés and enjoying the view of the shimmering sun, tourists walking by. Well, it is certainly worth your trip, Right?

Sorry people, but the Gondolas would just have to stay in Venice for a while as London doesn’t have it but you could always enjoy a ride or two on the smaller canal boats that float around the waterways.

Getting To Little Venice

The getting there part is a bit different in London. Where in Venice people usually arrive in the water buses or the boats, and the water taxis, in London, you will have to catch the bus or a Tube to arrive at the beautiful location. Well, it is all worth it once you lay eyes on the Amazingness that is Little Venice. Warrick Avenue and the Paddington Station are the common stations.

The Restaurants And Cafés in Little Venice

London’s very own Little Venice is filled to the brim with amazing restaurants and cafés that offer you the best of dishes. Explore them at your heart’s content as they never run out of deliciousness in Little Venice. One of the favorite spots of the locals is the Little Venice Waterside Café where you will have to sit on the pavement that is next to a boat or the boat itself. The gastro-pubs and restaurants in Little Venice give you the feel of the area. Hop in if you want to have the real taste of Venice.

Amazing Things You Can Do In Little Venice

There are a lot of different things that you can fancy to do in Little Venice

Active Sports: For someone who wants a little adventure on the trip, there are some active sports options for you to try. You might want to fuel up with a heavy breakfast first though. Paddle boarding is one of the most common sports of the Little Venice. The views of the sun as you paddle board in the waterways. Apart from that, you could always get on those boats and enjoy some Kayaking adventures. There is a lot for you in Little Venice.

Tours In Little Venice: There are several walking and boating tours for you in Little Venice. The list doesn’t come to an end. Take a boat down the canal and check out your options. The London tours are the best ones in Little Venice. Enjoy the view of the regent’s Canal, get a shot of the London Zoo and the amazing regent Park in your tour. Doesn’t that sound like an amazing way to start your trip? When that is done, you could just go for a walk to the Camden Lock.

Canal Museum: Situated by the Kings Cross, this museum is not necessarily in Little Venice but then you can’t miss the sight of this beautiful 19th-century house. Enjoy the beautiful exhibits which would mark your mind forever.

A Trip To Edgeware Road

You wouldn’t mind a walk to the Edgeware Road for some Arab food. For an appetite adjustment, visit the area and you will be surprised to find the various types of falafels and shawarmas in the area.

So you liked your theoretical trip to Little Venice? Well, how about booking a real one then.

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