London: a constant favourite amongst tourists

London is amongst the most visited European city, the reasons for it being varied. Be it in the pursuit of world-class education, high-standard lifestyle, business and entrepreneur projects or simply tourism, London is probably the most popular city in England and also Europe. The range of attractions that lie in the city is bound to satisfy travellers who are always looking for an all-round memorable travelling experience.

In the recent years, the various Royal events starting with Royal Wedding ceremony of Prince William and Catherine Middleton and the births of their children, Prince George followed by Princess Charlotte have been a major tourist attraction, according to tourism analysts. The Italians and French seem to be the most enthusiastic about the royal affairs as observed from their last minute flight booking and travel-planning to London. Also, post-Olympics drag into the city has been high, in general.

London has a rich blend of history, culture, literature, fashion, architecture, food and entertainment. With the river Thames flowing through the city representing the dynamism of the city itself, London is a beaming hub of activity and events. The Tower Bridge on Thames is in itself a magnificent structure. Standing by the river Thames and looking at ships pass by , can also be a surprising source of relaxation and quality time spending.  Boat rides on the river let tourists around some of the very important places of attraction, like Westminster Abbey and Palace of Westminster, also known as Houses of Parliament. These places of tourist attraction are nevertheless very important political sites of the city and country. Probably the most acquainted international symbol for London, the Big Ben is also present in the Palace premises. The Tower of London which used to be the Royal Mint Residence, later turned into prison, is also a famous tourist destination with its characteristic moat round the castle, the fact that it houses the crown jewels and to add a pinch of excitement, its ghost stories.

As mentioned earlier, the Royal happenings have always been a prime attraction for tourism in London. Evidently, the Buckingham Palace has to lie at its centre, being the residence of the British Royal family. People are found clicking pictures and selfies with the backdrop of the palace and also with the ever interesting Royal guards with their serious, solemn demeanour.  The Changing of Guards ceremony qualifies as a not to be missed event in the London tourism itinerary.

Talking about so many places to be around in London,  it is important to talk about the transport facilities in the city. The means of transport and communication here, is commendable. The most convenient route around the city would be through the well extended London Underground or Tube, connecting major stations in the city. Tourists can very easily avail cards for regular to and fro journeys in Tube. Buses, trams and the iconic black cabs or taxis shall never let tourists go lost when in London, unless one loses to the city’s sheer dominance over one’s mind. One might suggest cycling around places like the Hyde Park or Regent’s Park, etc. to imbibe the city-life and interact with locals more closely. Tourists would find it wise and convenient to carry travel cards which provides them with various facilities to travel tension-free with money on the go always.

Many more places are still left to be talked about. Like the several museums which are enlisted as World Heritage sites. The British Museum, the Tate Modern, the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square will never fail to impress with its collection. The   Natural History Museum, Victoria and Alberta Museum, the Science Museum in South Kensington are bound to make tourists awed by its huge and significant preservation of concerned items and artefacts. The Madame Tussauds is again a very common name around the world and it provides tourists a fun-filled time to spend with celebrity wax statues. One might be lucky enough to meet them in real as well! The Royal Botanic Garden in Kew is one of the oldest and the largest botanic garden in the world. It is again another World Heritage site with a great showcase of natural flora and with active conservation schemes.

To enjoy the food and be a part of the hub of activities in London, Piccadilly Square would be the best place to be. With great food and souvenir shops to keep shopaholics engaged for long hours, an evening stroll around Piccadilly Square would be worth it. The city has so much to present! There are world renowned stadiums like the Lords for Cricket, and the Wembley Stadium for tennis, are also some places one must make plans to visit when in London.

The best thing about travelling in London is its wonderful connectivity of places, the tactful blend of modern and historic architecture in the form of various establishments of old and new times. For example, the 30 St. Mary Axe, also known as the Gherkin, a spectacular modern structure, is present around the St. Andrew Undershaft which is built in olden times. The Shard which looks magnificent on the London skyline is again a modern marvel set amongst historic and timeless structures. Also, the presence of numerous good hotels around the tourist spots makes travelling easier. When hotels are not just place to dump after a full day of exciting sight-seeing, but also a place with relaxing ambience, good food and services, wi-fi connectivity and also a source for detailed travel planning around the city, travellers could ask for nothing more. London gifts its visitors just that.  To name one, M by Montcalm Shoreditch London tech city Hotel is one such.  Choosing a place like this to stay in London, makes the travelling experience much better and memorable.

To seep in all the beauty and surprises that the city had to offer, a beautiful and mesmerising view atop the London Eye would definitely feel the mind with happiness and peace. Not to mention, a desire to come back again!

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