London and getting a good view

London, as a city, has so much to be seen and there are certain places which can be referred to as vantage points from where one can have a great lookout over the city below and watch the people who reside and work in it bustling around.

One obvious choice is the Coca Cola London Eye. The views of the city are capable of causing the viewer’s scintillation upon seeing them! The Coca Cola London Eye has a very high rating on the travel website, Trip Advisor and it is strongly recommended that one makes use of it.

Then again, one can enjoy some fantastic views of London only for the duration of the ride on the Coca Cola London Eye. It would not be surprising if, while he or she values an opportunity such as this to look over London. One should keep his or her eye out for deals which make accessing these high view points more economical for the traveller. It is true that there are discounts to be had.

While one is in London, it does make a fair amount of sense to stay in Heathrow as this area is in the neighbourhood of the airport of the same name. One would do well to look at some cheap heathrow hotels and he or she should not be surprised to find some great deals on an executive stay in Heathrow.

Apart from just looking out at the city from places which are situated at significant heights, it may be quite nice for a visitor to enjoy a nice, quality meal from a place from which he or she can observe the city below. There are quite a few restaurants which specialise is providing such a view. An example of this is the Tate Modern Restaurant. This is a restaurant which though not located very high up, as it is located on the seventh floor, provides an excellent view of the famous, or rather financially infamous, City of London and for good measure, a great view of St. Paul’s Cathedral is also thrown in.

Another restaurant which one can have a meal with a view at is the Skylon Restaurant, which is also a great bar. The food at this restaurant is said to be especially sumptuous; which is attributable to a significant extent to Helena Puolakka, who is a chef who has her roots in Lapland or Finland.

In case one wishes to try some great cuisine which does not originate in the British Isles, then, an apt option can be said to be Coq d’Argent, which is French themed restaurant which serves food ‘par excellence’. The Bank of England, the workplace of the Canadian Governor, Mark Carney, is viewable from here. Mark Carney is the first foreigner to head the Bank of England. The gardens at the restaurant are also quite nice and all in all, for the panoramic view, the price paid for the food at the meal is more than just worth it!

For a lot of these few restaurants, one should keep in mind the fact that there is a significant demand while seating is not very much. As a result, it is important to book well in advance so as to not be disappointed, due to a shortage of seats available.

All in all, perhaps the best way to get as aerial a view as is normally possible, of London, is to make good use of the Emirates Air Line. Unlike the normal planes one may think about upon hearing of the name of the Gulf carrier; or even the Emirates Stadium which is closer home, in London, the Emirates Air Line is probably the best way one can take in an amazing view of the city while also getting transported from one place to another. This mode of transport serves one well if he or she wishes to be transported from the Greenwich Peninsula; across to the Royal Docks. The frequency of the cable car is one every half minute and for about five to six minutes, one can have a great view of London which he or she will surely remember quite vividly when he or she gets out of the cable car.

It is strongly recommended that the visitor in London who is making use of the Emirates Air Line remember to use his or her Visitor Oyster card as he or she can save a quarter of the normal fare it would cost him or her to use the Emirates Air Line, if he or she does so. This completely aerial view of London is one which is there for the viewing all seven days of the week.

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