London city’s best secrets

The city of London has a lot to offer to the locals or the tourists and even the travellers planning to spend some quality time at this place. There are historical monuments, shopping arcades and some beautiful parks strewn all over the city, in case people are thinking of some activity like these they will find multiple options. In case you are planning to go to the city in the months of summer the city has the power of not disappointing you even the chilliest months have a variety of activities for people. My friends who were staying at the Park Grand Paddington Court Hotel London had an amazing time here they had planned to visit the checked lists while here, but since they were keen on exploring the place all by themselves, they could discover a very new and vibrant side of this city which would not have been possible had they haven’t ventured out. To add to the list of some famous destinations of London there are five hidden gems that need to be visited on purpose.

Chislehurst caves
London is the place where the streets and roads are paved with gold that has been the general view for most of the eras, this has been prevalent with many a generations.though in reality the Tarmac laden streets have kept within them a secret caves called the chislehurst caves, though the myth of golden streets have been shaken. The highlight of these caves is the fact that these caves are stretching for over twenty two miles though at first it won’t be easy to believe it, but in reality it has been built to such a length on purpose. The World War Two in which the Great Britain was a part of it these caves were built in to be used as makeshift arrangements during bombings by the enemy war planes. Nevertheless, they have utilised for gigs by stand up comedians and other artists during the late 19th century. The caves are being utilised to run tours and they have housed bats these shows are being run on Wednesdays and Sundays and the look and feel of the place has been able to bring out the right effect of the place. The event, organised by the sponsors is not pronounced well, but it’s a hush hush affair wherein the followers of these shows are always on their toes to bag the tickets, this event is an interactive event performance which engages the onlookers. The much awaited part of the show is where you might get a fabulous chance of being a part of this theatrical experience and in case Lady Luck smiles upon you might have a chance of hobnobbing with Jonathan Ross.

 Cocktail with experimentation
It is a completely different take when you rush to the most   Posh place in the city to grab a glass of gin or a cocktail, in the true sense this is what gets boring if you outdo it, but the Club at Chinatown injects a new flavour in the minds of those who are open to try out some new stuff. This experimental club serving cocktails has a very weird exterior with a beaten up and weathered door at as the entrance. Meanwhile, if you reach the place for a moment you might think of leaving without entering this place, but do not make the mistake as the looks are always deceptive, in fact it would be a wise decision to get in and explore the place. After a tiresome day all you need is a drink to enjoy with your favourite company heading to this place. The only hiccup if any is that the place has been reserved in advance so that you do not miss out on the fun. The ambience as expected is an old townhouse giving a rugged look to the whole ambience with chairs and tables supporting the whole atmosphere, but the best part is the bar and the mixologists whom you need to have faith in as they give you the best drinks. You can expect some of the best drinks even my friends sharing an accommodation in Paddington London had shared the same thoughts.

Hyde Park in London

Pet Cemetery at Hyde Park
This is a very serene and quite corner located in the Bayswater Road next to the Hyde Park the place might be called a graveyard, but in real sense it has a very emotional backdrop to the whole place. This place is a house to many graves for the beloved dogs and cats, the place had been accidentally opened up during the 18th century times and the ritual continued over for many years since then. The place is quite and beautiful read the epitaphs while you walk past them, the place is being guarded by metal gates and you can climb over it to reach inside.

Candlelight Club
Going for a retro theme cannot turn off the city has nightclubs and that too serving the elite and the posh but it is the candlelight club that stands out amongst them , all you would want to do is take a pick from the retro era and adorn the look till you are inside this place. People who are fanatics and who follow the great Gatsby and those who love Downtowns should not miss a chance to visit this place at least once. The place is known to very few only those of them know for whom these things matter and the moment the tickets are out for sale they are sold out for hot cakes so in case you don’t want to lose out on the show you better be ready.

Above are a few of these beautiful places which have been written about and therefore if possible we could be visit them or people can at least plan out to their next vacation or their next self-expedition to London has been written about, though the number might be countless nevertheless one should visit these and also try and share the travel experiences in order to help other fellow travellers to follow the footsteps.

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