London Docks You need to Visit right Now

St. Katharine Docks is located in a part of London which would surprise any person who plans to pay a visit. As a matter of fact, it can be said that the environment it is located in is such that the person would be even more surprised. What is interesting about St. Katharine Docks is the fact that it is part of an area of London which underwent redevelopment many decades ago and so viewing the area does not immediately bring to mind the trading hub these docks were centuries ago.

So, in the environment and the area of the Gherkin, which is quite an iconic building in its own right, and the skyscrapers of the City of London, there is this small oasis of peace in the old world sense; something that is not very familiar, if one takes into account the hustle and bustle of this area of London today.

When a person is planning a visit to London and the docks located here which should be visited; the matter of accommodation is likely to arise as a question and this can be said to be only expected and apt as subpar accommodation in London city can only be said to be a pain which would reduce the amount of fun and enjoyment there is to be had by paying a visit to the city. When he or she wishes to book a hotel room which is comfortable and provides him or her with the convenience of being located not far away from the main sites the city has to offer the tourists who visit it; a hotel such as The Montcalm London city at the Brewery hotel could surely be taken into due account as a possibility as it not only ticks these boxes but a large number of other boxes. A tourist who makes the choice to stay at this hotel is likely to return to stay at it on all his or her subsequent visits to the city.

It is likely to be of interest for a person who is going about the city visiting docks to discover the fact that there is also a dock which is, going by technicality, a dock in name alone. Tames is Dock is actually not a dock but rather a Dutch Barge which has been converted. The location is quite nice, to say the very least, as it accords the person who pays a visit the opportunity to have a really good meal which can be consumed while taking in the sights of some of the most important buildings that stand in the heart of London such as the Coca Cola London Eye as well as the historic and beautiful Parliament buildings.

London’s Victoria Docks is a great place to pay a visit as the diversity of options which are available here for entertainment are quite impressive, to say the least. If an individual is into water sports, he or she can engage in these at the London Water sports Centre. It could be said to be a little easier to access these docks vis a vis the others due to the fact that there is an DLR station which services this area specifically; connecting from the London Tube to the DLR is not too hard a task, either.

Taking into account how the stories of London as a city and the River Thames are so interwoven over the course of history, it is perhaps quite apt that time should be spent on South Dock Marina; which is located not far away from all the attractions which can be found in the area. So, it is located in an advantageous place if a person who is in London wishes to kill as many birds with a single stone as he or she can visit the museums and art galleries which are closest to the South Dock Marina either prior to or after his or her visit, as per what suits the schedule. In addition to just being a nice place to visit and spend some free time, the South Dock Marina is also a great place to look at all the boats which pass down the River Thames on a daily basis. This is a great past time especially if a person is visiting London while accompanied by his or her family as most children enjoy such an activity.

All in all, while there are a lot of reasons for a person to pay a visit to London, or rather many visits to the city, even if the visitor wishes to discover the maritime oriented history of the city, there can be said to be enough for him or her to do in order to keep him or her occupied for quite some time.

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