London Food at Its Best – Comprehensive List of Cheap Eats

People often say that London is one of the most expensive tourist destinations in the UK. From tourism point of view, the capital city of England has always charmed visitors coming from all across the globe. From amazing shows, entertainment, elite shopping and breathtaking attractions the city has a delightful aura. While the city’s life may not get cheaper, foodies can really enjoy the best time of their lives while staying here. London has got a great appetite for food and the kind of quality it is being served here is incomparable to any other city’s food.

For those travelling to London for a holiday the rental and travelling cost may dig a hole in your pocket, however as far as food goes this you can surely get within your budget. The capital city has variety of cheap eats and several budget restaurants. These places not only serve you the best food to eat but, you get to eat the most sumptuous delights within budget. Eating out at these joints will not make you leave your wallet empty.

Though, there are plenty of these in the city, but mentioned below are few shortlisted ones. Here you can not only eat cheap, but won’t compromise on the quality factor.

Masala Zone – Camden Town

The Masala zone is an Indian restaurant and is a home for Indian food lovers. It is well known for serving the best of Indian flavours to all kinds of tourists. It boasts of supreme quality Indian food and serve specialities from palaces, wayside stalls and Indian homes of course. If we talk about cheap eats here one can fulfill his lunch and dinner appetite £12 and £15 respectively. The dinner amount includes a drink as well.

Scandinavian Kitchen

As the name suggests, this popular Scandi food store offers smorgasbord of food. You can either have it in a small setting or can order for a takeaway. A smoked salmon, egg roll, oat porridge and toasted sourdough sandwishes, what else could anyobe ask for in a breakfast? Variety of tastes are served to the guests. For lunch you can get delicious mix and match wraps and open sandwiches. The pricing for breakfast and lunch is as follows: Breakfast £2.25–£4.50, lunch £2.95–£9.95.

Lucky 7:

The name may be a bit confusion as you may think of it something else in the first go, however it is an amazing place for a classic American diner. The menu boasts of delectable burgers and rich deserts whcih you may not get somewhere else. The place has its own speciality including the fried breakfast with excellent beef and good garnishing being done. The place is worth trying at an amazing price.

Bricklane market is one of the well known places where you can take your taste buds on a mouth-watering journey. The market houses several cheap and budget eateries that you can’e even imagine.

Counter Cafe

Counter cafe is a place for mouth-watering salads, brucnhes and pies. What else can anyone ask from this canalside venue? This is an amazing place offering the best cheap food along with Oympic Stadium views. The dish of perfectly poached eggs is listed in the all day menu. Moreover, the ambiance is topped up with great music and peaceful surroundings. It is an ideal base for a useful pitstop while exploring the nearby fascinating area.

Herman ze German

This is a small chain of fast food restaurant in Soho, Charing Cross and Fitzrovia in London. It specailizes in serving the best and the most exotic German sausage dishes. This yet another fabulous cheap eat in the city offer mostly meat based fast food dishes which are quite popular in Germany. Schnitzel, Currywurst and Bockwurst are some of the popularly known dishes. They are served in combination of coleslaw, french fries and breads.


The taste and portions at this fast food joint in the capital city are sufficient enough to satisfy your hunger needs. It means pulled which is pork, meat, chicken and beef in this case. Whether you want to have these in sandwiches or wraps with exotic garnishing, it will be served at its best. The dishes are served with great combinations of tomato salads, grated cheese and your choice of sausages.

Pizza Pilgrims

Brothers Thom and James Elliot rises above from street food sensations to a proper restaurant in London. Lying in the middle of the Soho, this is the place from where you can takeaway the best pizzas. You can select your own toppings. Variety of these are available from fennel sausage to Portobello mushrooms and truffle you can order the one you like. One can even get a cheese free marina pizza. With such a variety, the restaurant is named right as the Pizzaa Pilgrims.

Just like accommodation in London there are numerous cheap eats available, however you have to find one that is close to your hotel and of course as per your taste. Staying in shaftesbury hotels London is a boom for food lovers and leisure travellers alike. The hotel lies close to several such good eats in the city and also offers an ideal holiday base for all kinds of tourists.

As far as cheap eats in London are concerned, both tourists and locals are fond of eating at such places. These are the budget eateries where you get taste as well as quality all within your budget. So, next time whenever you come to London, instead of planning an itinerary of famous attractions in the city, plan an itinerary to try out various cheap eats in London. This will surely make your trip all the more amazing and enjoyable especially if you are a food lover.

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