London Naked Bike Ride: Bare as you dare

Are you looking ahead to enjoy a fantastic holiday in London city. Well, if it is high time you have not taken a break from your monotonous life and have always merged yourself into the pool of work, deadlines and prior work commitments then it is absolutely high time you start indulging yourself into something that will give you immense happiness and relief from the usual work stress.

Work is necessary so is vacation. You can never spend all your life working without taking a break. It is not only about enjoying your leisure time out with the ones you adore but also about relaxing your mind, body and soul in the most amazing manner. It is always better to seek the much required change and what more can be a better way other than gang out on a vacation to the city of London. This city truly deserves all the attention that it has got over the years and continues to enjoy every bit of it. It is definitely going to make you feel thoroughly enriched from within. If in case, you have never been to the city of London, then this trip is going to fulfill all your dreams and that is for sure.

When it is about going on a holiday trip to London, you cannot just take chances with your accommodation arrangements. Make sure to grab those exciting hotel deals Hyde Park for ensuring a happy as well as delightful stay in the city. Hyde Park is always considered to be one of the most amazingly exquisite residential area that teems with several travel enriching things to do and places to explore. Being centrally located, Hyde Park enjoys the consistent arrival of people, both locals as well as tourists who are on the mission to make the most of their trips in the most desirable manner. Over here, in Hyde Park, you can be assured to get the experience of blissful tranquility along with staying close with the other amazing sightseeing attractions that have been enriching the tourism quotient of the English capital since ages. It is definitely all about how well you design your vacation and the more time you spend on planning the trip, the more will be your chances of having an unforgettable trip ahead. Since this area lets you stay pretty much close to several sightseeing attraction that are located in the heart of the city, it is always recommended to put up at one of the Hyde Park hotels for enjoying greater convenience in terms of travelling in and around the city.

While staying here, you can look ahead to enjoy the following activities.

Explore the several enthusiastic activities near the Serpentine Lake:

This pristinely flowing lake can be found in the middle of Hyde Par which has also hosted the Swimming events of 12 London Olympics. There is a lido for swimming in the lake, paddle boating is also famous and if you are not willing to swim or boat then it is best just to take a leisurely stroll round the lake which is fed by a naturally occurring spring. You can be assured to enjoy your evening stroll in fabulous manner.

Visit the Serpentine Gallery:

If you take interest in modern art then make sure to visit the Serpentine Gallery in Kensington Gardens. There are several art galleries and museums all around the world capital and you can be assured to enjoy it in the most fantastic manner.

Take a tourist guide to Leadenhall Market:

Image Courtesy: Diliff

There are several shopping areas in the English capital and you can sure to get your best deals at Leadenhall Market.

Visit Diana Memorial Fountain:

If you are a fan of the Princess of Wales then planning your visit to Diana Memorial Fountain is something which you must always look ahead to. Not only will you feel enchanted by exploring it’s iconic beauty of the fountain but it is definitely going to be an enriching experience for you. It is located right in the heart of the largest park of London and that is most certainly Royal Hyde Park. Overlooking the Serpentine Lake, the Fountain is just the rightful spot which you are looking forward to see wheel vacationing in the English capital.

Explore Harrods Store:

Anyone staying in the hotels near Hyde Park takes special meters in exploring the Harrods Departmental store. There are several high end stores in London city and if in case you are visiting London during Christmas then watch out for the exclusive post-Christmas sale at this store which allures the attention of the shoppers coming over from different parts across the globe.

If you are done with all of these, then it is just the right time to ponder your attention upon the most interesting and controversial event of all times, it is the World Naked Bike Ride. This internationally acclaimed naked bike ride that takes place in London where almost all the riders follow the notion of ‘bare as you dare’ attracts the attention of everyone. If you have never seen anyone cycling naked through the streets than come over to London where you will be surprised to find nearly thousands of them participating in the awareness program that is related to increase the tolerance of more bicycles on the road. This year’s naked bike ride event in London was scheduled on 13th June and there were six different starting points around the capital and one of them was most certainly the Hyde Park.

No matter if you have missed the event, there is always a next chance and with the increase in popularity of this event, there are several cities across the United Kingdom which have started popularizing the eve t as well. Make sure to plan your trip well in advance, is that you do not have to miss catching up with this remarkably popular event.

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