London is a city that has historically been known as the nodal point for great empires, civilisations and trades. This makes the city one of the most culturally unique ones in the world as it continues to bring together people from varied parts of the globe and generates unique experiences for anyone who may happen to even be visiting or passing through the city for a short duration of time.

There are a host of things for any visitor to see in this city. There are also a variety of organised tours for every type of curiosity to be adequately fulfilled (including a Jack the Ripper tour). For those who have visited London many a time and exhausted all these first visit options (or maybe even seen these same sights multiple times), do not be disheartened as the city of London always has plenty more to offer you. If you happen to be staying in one of the hotels near Earl Court tube station here are 5 new hot spots to visit in the vicinity, that are quite off the beaten track thus allowing you to give the crowds and the chaos a skip as well.

1.The Rolling Bridge – is a spectacle to behold. Essentially in its construction, it is a draw bridge that is able to part temporarily in order to allow boats to pass through the waterway below. Instead of just parting and rejoining this quirky modern marvel curls or rolls back on itself to make way and then restores itself to its original position. It was designed by Thomas Heatherwick and was completed in 2004. Get off at Paddington tube station to check it out.

2.Hyde Park Pet Cemetery – Hyde Park is known for many other things, but one of its lesser known secrets is located on its north west corner on Bayswater Road. The pet cemetery is one of the few spots that is sealed away from the public in the park but it is well worth the few sneak peaks you can get through the grills in order to take a look at the quaint headstones that have been put in place in fond memory of beloved pets that passed away between the years 1881 and 1903. These headstones may be miniature in size but speak of a love for animals that goes far beyond them, even today. Getting here is quite simple on the tube, on which the nearest station is Queensway.

3.The Fake 10 Downing Street – is for those who do not have the good fortune of an all access security freepass that is required to access the front door of the original 10 Downing Street.  This look alike door is a spitting image of the original and a pose in front of it is sure to give you bragging rights when you take it back home. This imposter is actually physically located a little off the Strand and hold the proud house number of 10 Adam Street. Right down to the shine and the polish this door can easily have anyone fooled about the fact that you visited the original and managed to get a photo op. Hop off at the Charing Cross tube station to grab your one of a kind photo.

4.Pelicans in St James’ Park-  These birds are a real sight to see. While St James Park located in the heart of the city makes for a great way to spend your afternoon in general – strolling around, picnicking, enjoying the fresh air and so on and so forth; the pelicans are just an additional treat. How did pelicans reach the centre of London you ask? Well they did not land up there by any natural course of evolution for sure. They were in fact a gift from the then Russian Ambassador to the country all the way back in the year 1664. Since then they have been well taken care of by the park authorities and if you are lucky to reach the area between 02:30 and 03 o clock in the afternoon you will get to watch them being fed, which is quite a sight really. To get here, the nearest tube station is St James Park.

5.The Smallest Police Station in the city – This quaint and quite cute structure is hard to fathom as a police station if it weren’t for all the signage indicating that it was one. It is in fact so small that any visitor to the area would really have to look close and hard in order to find it as it can very easily fall on your blind spot and be missed completely. For those who are really hunting for it, here’s a hint – it is on the south east corner of Trafalgar Square. Getting here is quite simple as well. The nearest station on the famous London tube is Charing Cross.

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