London Street Art: Display of truly magnificent &highly captivating skills!

Street art is not a conventional type of art. Traditional arts such as singing, dancing, drawing need a platform & variety of instruments to perform but street art as the name suggests is an art that is literally shown on the public walls, enclosures & surfaces.

Today we are here to tell you all about an awesome tour organization called ‘Touriocity. The people here do their job not just because they are asked to do it but they are extremely passionate about it! The highlight of the ‘Touriocity’ is their customized tour plans. They think from the customer point of view. It is the customer according to whom the trip will be planned. Your choices, likes, dislike, preferences are taken into consideration &they make your trip worth it! Touriocity is a group of immensely zestful travel professionals, masters of creating tailor-made tours who give a feeling of lifetime to the tourists while visiting their loved places around the globe. On Saturday, Rob Humphreys, an experienced tour guide took me on a London Street Art Tour around the backstreets of uber trendy East London.

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I clicked around 170 photos & the top ones will hang on my Facebook wall soon plus I am going to share all of them in a blog now!The only purpose behind this is to inspire & motivate people to personally go &experience one such tour. Undoubtedly, the London Street Art tour is simply the most mesmerizing tour in my life till date!

Basically, street art is a craft created & displayed in social places. The forms of Street art include traditional graffiti art work, stencil graffiti, sticker art, wheat pasting and street poster art, video projection, art intervention, guerrilla art, flash mobbing and street installations.

Anything that is painted, written or drawn unlawfully in common zones such as street walls is called as Street art or Vandalism as they say it is. It is fugitive, what is there today may just vanish tomorrow. It is a wordless banter between two fellow artists. An artist is appreciated by the competing artists as long as their art is intact without being written over or drawn over and in turn graffiti’ed.

Tagging is the term I learned moments after we left Old Street tube station. A tag is a scrawl, a muddle to a neutral but for an artist, it is a signature. Fundamentally, a tag is the autograph or a sign one would see a lot on community enclosures such as walls & feel it is messing up the surroundings. When ’tagging’ takes place, the best remedy to apply is to buff it off so that the wall gets into its original form again.

Keeping enclosures unblemished is a challenge itself as there appears to be a witty mark on the walls every now & then which artists enjoy a lot! Have a look at Huh Magazine when MOBSTR teased the local authorities which were indeed mirthful!

Various incarnations of street art are wheat-pasting art, lock on, tiling, stencil art & sculptures which stand tall to prove that it is much more than cans of aerosol for making jazzy fonts.

Shepard Fairey, Stik & Banksy are the names of some widely recognized fantastic street artists. One should be thankful to them as the concept of street art was socially recognized because of them.

Shepard Fairey is an American street artist who came under the limelight after he created a sticker campaign depicting Andre the Giant. Bansky is another popular name in the field of street art. He is a graffiti artist from England. He widely acclaimed for his unique technique of stencilling & messages with dark humour. His effort to capture political & social commentary through his drawings has been attributed on streets, walls & bridges of the cities throughout the world. The craze is such that if Banksy comes up with a new knack, people will race to flake it off & sell! An incident describing popularity of the street art is David Cameron gifting Barack Obama a chunk of Ben EIne on their first meet!

One more instance with Barack Obama is when Shepard Fairey portrayed him with the word ‘Hope’ this was displayed as the cover page of the Time magazine!

The street art which was once considered as an act of deliberate destruction of a property, i.e., vandalism has become permissible due to the fashion as people started purchasing it. Now street artists are exhibiting their splendid arts in factories, clubs, shops, restaurants, etc.

While wandering around Shoreditch, you will realize that street art has blended itself so perfectly into the ever occupied London that it boasts as a top pro-graffiti city in the world. With new plushy constructions taking shape involving punters, money, etc. & old ones being hammered down, it will result into ‘clean streets’ & less street art.

With growing popularity of street art in recent times, street artists are worshiped & devoted by fans, followed by masses, media & even by the art world. Street artists do not keep themselves limited to a particular place; they drove around countries to display their awesome skills.

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