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There is history, drama, luxury, romance, poetry, music, high tea and so much more in London. No wonder it’s the name that tops the most visited cities’ list. So many visitors flock London all year around. And why shouldn’t they? It’s like a gallery full of things to see, do and explore. While it’s a perfect location for adults to unwind with beautiful cafes and a thriving pub culture, there is enough for the art lovers and the adventure seekers as well. For children too, London is an incredible destination with the queen in her palace, the endless parks and gardens for a race or a game of hide and seek. There’s also Shakespeare and Beethoven and a whole lot more.

The list of the best attractions in London is an endless one, full of hidden treasures as well as popular gems.

British Museum

You don’t need a time machine to go back in time. Walk into the British Museum and watch time rewind. It has enough to keep a history buff happy and still more to make sure that the others develop a keen interest. It houses an enormous number of well-known artefacts. You need to spend enough time to tour the entire museum. And if you are lucky you might chance upon one of those exclusive exhibitions the Museum hosts.

british museumTubes from Tottenham Court Road, Russell Square and Holborn will take you to the Museum. It opens at 10:00 am to 5:30 pm on all days except on Fridays the closing time has been extended to 8:30 pm. Entry is free except for exhibitions.

Buckingham Palace

What’s a trip to London without a visit to the Royal Palace! Yes, the queen stays in this very palace. It’s a mix of history and royalty. Depending on your travel plans and the time available, there are two ways to visit the Buckingham Palace. To view the grandeur of the palace, the magnificent paintings, architecture and the historical episodes it houses, you can take the tour of the palace. The audio guided tour will ensure that you will not miss out on anything.

For a quick visit, especially if you are short on time, you can attend the Changing of the Guard or the Guard Mounting. It’s a popular sight where you will get to witness the royal guards with the stiff upper lips outside the palace. There is no admission fee for this. The event takes place every day at 11:30 am (April to late July). During the rest of the year, it takes place on alternate days provided the weather is in a good mood as well.

You can take a tube from Hyde Park, St. James Park or Green Park for Buckingham Palace.

The Royal Day Out Ticket is also an option you can explore. It will give you a more elaborate tour but it is on the costlier side. Tickets for the palace tour costs about 21.50 pounds for adults, 19.60 pounds for senior citizens as well as students. For children younger than 17 years, it is 12.30 pounds and the entry is free for children below 5 years.

Westminster Abbey

With its striking architecture and having hosted a list of royal weddings, Westminster Abbey is a remarkable landmark in London. It’s a popular one too with tons of visitors visiting, so do expect a good crowd.

The best part about this attraction is what it houses inside. It’s got the Charles Dickens and Queen I and so many others (their tombs to be specific). There are also designated corners that might interest you apart from the tombs of the incredibly famous. The audio tour, once again, is an option that you can explore so you don’t miss out on anything. There is also the Verger –led tour that will touch the Royal Tombs, the Cloisters and the Nave, The Shrine and other important corners. It’s 5 pounds more than the entry fee.

The official website for the Abbey carries all the latest and updated information on timings, distance and entry fee.

Tower of London

The tower looks like one of those ancient towers surrounded by mystery with a princess waiting to be rescued inside. There is no princess here but you’ll find the Crown Jewels Exhibition, the Sovereign’s Sceptre and the Imperial State Crown.

The tower has a lot of pillars and the tour will allow you to explore a number of these. The Yeoman Warders or the Tower Guards (the ceremonial guards at the tower) also take you on a tour where you can find out the history of the place. The tour of the Tower is more expensive than that of most places in London.

Take a tube that drops you at the Tower Hill stop for the Tower.

The place is open on Saturday between 9:00 am to 5:30 am. On Sunday and Monday, you can visit between 10:00 am to 5:30 pm. It closes early in winters.

The entry will cost 24.50 pounds per adult. For children below 16 years, the ticket costs 11 pounds. Entry is free for children below 5 years of age.

The Piccadilly London West End Hotel

It’s a beautiful boutique hotel that is conveniently located above Piccadilly Circus. It’s near China Town and Regent Street. You have quick access to most landmarks and public transport options in London from here. The relaxed urban lifestyle that resides within the hotel is a heart-warming contrast to the buzzing street especially when you return tired after a whole day of sightseeing.

The tastefully designed snug rooms, the efficient service and the all exclusive London West End Hotel deals will make the experience even more delightful.

Other places to see in London include Portobello Road Market, Piccadilly Circus, Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, West End Theatre District, National Gallery, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Houses of the Parliament and if you are visiting for the first time, London Eye will give you a bird’s eye view of London.


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